Voodoo 36" Single Rifle Case, 3 Colors

Hey sorry this is kinda nitpicky, but I noticed in the specs:

“Rugged 700-900 Denier Pack Cloth Construction (depending on color)”

I think I’d rather get the thickest material regardless of color. I’m guessing that’s black, would you mind confirming if possible?

Pictures are deceiving as well as the description. This is a single rifle case only… period. If you read the description it says you can carry 1-2 long guns and one of the pictures shows a divider with 2 long guns. This divider is non-existent. Backpack straps also another thing that are non-existent. Lack of a part number made it impossible to further investigate this model. Mine showed up yesterday and well I guess I got screwed… I won’t use it because I was hoping for a divider like in the picture. But I’m sure that woot won’t take it back even though they goofed on the advertisement not once but twice now.

Thanks, I also wondered that a bit but just assumed the description was vague and a little off. Gonna pass.

Edit: Since it’s their screw-up, I would definitely let them know (support@woot.com), I think they’re more able to offer returns since the unfortunate Amazon-ization.

We’re asking the vendor to verify the info.

I have the case at home and can post the Item # that I received if that’s at all helpful.

Wise Choice! However, they have the correct version over at Amazon sold by Woot! and so I just bought that. Hoping that they will now take this one back but we shall see. Took your advice and emailed them.

Thank you. We’re gonna shut it down until we figure everything out.

Thanks got my RMA