Voodoo Tactical 20-8172007000 DUMP POUCH (COYOTE) Coyote

This is a great bag. It is well made. I love all of the pockets on it.
Very handy and comfortable to carry around.

Yep,great pack.

I just miss the old, original woot though, before Amazon bought it. They used to really have amazing deals since they would buy every item in a closeout and then sell it to us. Now it’s just a dumping ground for whatever they have left at Amazon or whatever that doesn’t sell there, and it’s almost always possible to get the same item elsewhere for the same price or cheaper. The original price they show for items used to be the actual sale price whereas now it is the manufacturer’s suggested sale price, which is a huge difference since nothing sells anywhere near the MSRP nowadays. When it said 99 before, you could actually find it selling for that price at a lot of stores, even Amazon would have it at 80-90 and higher, while it would be for sale for 20-30 here. Now a $99 item sells maybe at 2 places for 99 while the rest sell it for around 50-60 and Amazon may have it 10% cheaper whole here it will be around 40-60.

The VT Dump Pouch sells for $15 through Amazon Prime (which I pretty much use for everything from large appliances to televisions to books), meaning no shipping if you are a member while plenty of places sell it for between 10 and 15,

I bought a $3,500 latest model tv here for slightly under 500 for a refurbished version which sold for over 2k at Amazon at the time, and that was by far the best deal I ever made; 2 years later the refurbished versions were still selling for over 1k. And a Kamado grill with all accessories in 2008 for maybe 200 bucks when it was the only brand out there and it cost 6 times what I paid here elsewhere.

Still get a few decent deals here now and then but that’s about it unfortunately, and I have been greatly disappointed with Woot for a few years now…