Voodoo Tactical Discreet 30" Weapons Case

The pretty pictures do not really show any padding on the exterior or even the interior separation. This item might make better for the purse concept.

Also, Mr. WOOT, I finally got in a real comment ahead of your standard post.


What makes these discreet? Is it just that they don’t have a ton of MOLLE attachments on the outside?
If so, doesn’t that just make them normal rifle cases?
It’s not like they are disguised as a golf clubs or something…

“Normal” rifle cases are ~45" long, and typically shaped to follow the contours of a rifle. So this being 30", and squared off in shape, will net less unwarranted attention by uninformed passers by.

Here’s a description from VooDooTactical. Looks like it’s 32" long…not 30". The interior measurement is most likely 30". As for ‘discreet’…size and lack of outer attachment points is the ‘criteria’. Now they DO have one that looks like a padded guitar case that would be more along the ‘discreet’ lines…now I DID find it interesting that there are NO PRICES listed anywhere on the site…makes it hard to compare. Here is the description:

Rugged polyester outer with with high density padded foam interior, our discreet 30″ case will hold two long guns securely. The padded center divider will protect your rifles and the hook-n-loop hold-down straps will keep them secure. The case features locking zipper pulls, a removable, adjustable padded nylon shoulder strap and wrap-around carry handles.

Colors: Black or Bronze
Dimensions: 32″L X 5½”W X ″H Weighs 3.90 lbs

You could carry just a bunch of nunchucks and ninja stars in this!

Ironically, those are more illegal than rifles in many locales.

It must be the skull/reticle logo that makes it discreet.

Nothing says discreet like vinyl bags with skulls on them. It’s not like skulls are some kind of ancient warning sign or anything.

Anyone in the market for a more discreet discreet rifle case check out the Blackhawk Diversion Carry Bag. It comes in blue, red & black and looks like a racquet bag. 50 bucks on Amazon. There are many other more discreet bags than this on Amz. I guess you could rip the skull off and screen print “Yoga Mat Carry-all” on this. Voodoo Tactical does make decent stuff. Reviews of many of their products are on Amz. Not Maxpedition level quality but not junk either.