Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit, 4 Colors

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They forgot the super glue. Otherwise not bad. Another couple pair of gloves wouldn’t hurt either.

great for those boo boo’s if you fall off yer bikie… lol
not much else

Need to add quickclot, Israeli bandage, and halo chest pad to be a real trauma kit at a minimum…

What ^ He ^ Said.

I agree. It’s not perfect. Minimally, before I would buy it, it would need to contain one of the clotting agents that are now available. This is a true, lifesaving necessity.

I agree. Although I would just toss in a tube of my own.

…Oral IV and about 10ft of duct tape can be added.

At this price point, you are pretty much paying for the pouch. No way you can find one at this price that comes with QuickClot, Israeli bandage, C.A.T., pneumothorax patch, etc.

It’s $25. Complaint about what it doesn’t have for $20 + $5 shipping, it’s not all bad. I think I am down for one and will add the glue and possibly other item or two but they have done 95% of the work.

So I’m buying one, because the price and contents are terrific. But I really wish the kit included a tourniquet and some QuickClot pads and gauze.

Maybe that’s because I spend a lot of time at a shooting range, and the risk is greater of a gunshot wound there than elsewhere.

Why can’t you ship to Alaska? You’re telling me that the flat rate box that you are going to send it the rest of the us would ship up here? Oh well one less sell for you.

I’m sorry but we no longer ship to AK or HI.

A paramedics thoughts,(not me)
here’s what I recommend: more bleeding stuff (gauze pads, maxi pads, etc), tons of it, and gauze rolls or duct tape to wrap it tight and secure it; some sort of splint (look up SAM splints) and triangle bandages; a CPR mask; a few instant hot and cold packs; a pair of steel scissors (trauma sheers); iodine or alcohol wipes; a few pairs of gloves; and some butterfly bandages. The most urgent stuff you’ll probably ever need will be stuff to stop heavy bleeding. As long as the person has an airway, is breathing, and isn’t bleeding heavily, they should be stable enough to wait for professionals.

You guys are nuts. For $20+5 shipping, you want quick clot, tourniquet, etc? Ridiculous. And the paramedic needs to see how big this thing is before s/he starts throwing things into this pack.

For what it is, $20+5 is great. There are other trauma kits that include all that but they are in hundreds.

Those of us who want something lightweight and compact to take on hiking and canoeing adventures, on the other hand, can probably get by without a dedicated CPR mask.