Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit

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Voodoo Tactical Trauma Kit
Price: $19.99
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My second “first sucker”! Looks like a good kit. Have to rotate the pain meds and cream but the rest should have a long shelf life :slight_smile:


After looking … need more stuff.

Scuffed knee runner? ok. Bullet wound? no. in this day and world we need full ready. This aint it. And no I’m no faker. VFW Post 9907 … and I’m poor.

This is NOT a Trauma Kit in any way. Its a First Aid “BooBoo” Kit. A real Trauma Kit has a quality Tourniquet (CAT or SWAT-T not a piece of elastic with Velcro or surgical hose) an Israeli or other type of Emergency or Trauma Bandage, a Chest Decompression Needle (only to be used with training) and a Chest Seal, HALO, Auscherman or Bolin. Quik Clot would also be a wise addition to a serious Trauma kit along with at least two pairs of non latex surgical gloves. Please do not think this kit will handle any sort of serious Trauma. Get a real Trauma Kit and I cannot stress this enough, GET GOOD TRAINING! Know your equipment. I get so tired of seeing these types of Kits on Ebay labeled as “Trauma Kits”. I could do more with a Tampon.
FACT: Major trauma is any injury that has the potential to cause prolonged disability or death.
There are many causes of major trauma, blunt and penetrating, including falls, motor vehicle collisions, and gunshot wounds.
The $19.99 kit above will not deal with any of the above issues.

I completely disagree. There is not even bandaids in there for the scuffed knee. Maybe use the tape to hold the 4x4 or ABD to form a makeshift freaking bandaid.

They actually do touch upon that in the youtube video. They stress it’s a basic kit and would need supplementing for additional needs…they mention the needle, the Tourniquet, quik clot.

still, its good that you mentioned it

This is exactly what it claims to be. It doesn’t claim to be for MAJOR trauma, or for gun-shot wounds. It’s not meant for a plane crash, biohazards or a Zombie invasion either.

Is it better than your sock and some spit? Yes.

tactical of, relating to, or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific end.

noun: trauma; plural noun: traumata; plural noun: traumas
Medicine: physical injury.
synonyms: injury, damage, wound;
Origin: late 17th century: from Greek, literally ‘wound.’

Get a grip people. If you’re on woot looking for trauma kits, you’re not exactly looking to work the battlefield. It’s a decent first aid kit. No one’s going to suddenly feel the need to wade into a firefight yelling, “Make way! I have a 20 dollar trauma kit!” after buying this.

To everyone whining about what’s not included in the $20 first aid kit:

Don’t worry, they just forgot to add the pic of the mobile operating theatre and hummer to pull it. It’s all in there though, really.

Part of the problem is how this thing is being marketed and the terminology. “Tactical” imparts this combat preparedness thing.

The more difficult thing is the term “trauma.” To the layman, it means something severe but in the medical world, it means what Woody1 wrote, physical injury of any size. Some years ago, I was casually talking to someone who happened to be a doctor about a tickle in my throat caused by a crab shell that had scratched my throat. He nonchalantly called it a “trauma.”

Back to the product - you can get far better than this for $20 or $25 (+shipping) at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc but you won’t get that cool tactical MOLLE bag, either.

THIS! It’s a start of a first aid kit in a tactical pouch. Y’all are looking at this wrong. Dump the stuff in a ziplock or Tupperware container and add 100 band aids and 100 alcohol prep pads. You now have a “deluxe 300 piece first aid kit” like they sell at boxmarts for $10-30. You also have a decent tactical pouch that could be used for a trauma kit or something else. To build a real trauma kit, get some training, add what was mentioned above along with a couple of pairs of nitrile gloves, compressed packing gauze and 2 sizes (7/8 and 8/9) of nasopharyngeal airways and extra lube. That’s a true blowout kit. If you can’t afford all that start small. Female sanitary pads and a 25 G quick clot along with some gloves in this pouch make a good start to build from. Keep the ab pads and maybe shears in your new kit if they are full size and decent quality. I own this pouch. It’s heavy duty and pretty well made for the price point. Voodoo tactical makes decent entry level gear. While I have used this pouch, i prefer a tear away kit to make it easier to use.
Overall this is a great price as long as you understand what you are getting.

honestly you are better off buying a camera bag or similar and building your own kit. Go to the nearest wal mart or dollar store and spend 30 bucks in the first aid aisle, you be amazed what you can put in one and really cover some ground. A few unique items may need ordered but you get the idea

As someone said, pretty much everything being sold online as “tactical” is really tacti-cool.

It’s not bad for this size and and the contents. Especially considering what the empty version costs from the manufacturer’s site. I find that most pre-made first aid kits need some content adjustment. Not sure how folks can expect a CAT or QuikClot in a kit that costs a lot less than those individual items.

Hey, it’ll handle the “trauma” of being gut shot at the next paintball or Airsoft tournament, right? LOL


It’s supposed to be a tactical Drama kit. For those people who get a scratch and act like it’s a bullet wound.

And yet, sold out. Shame they couldn’t have thrown in a paracord bracelet to match though. Then the buyers would be really ready.