Voq Professional Unlocked GSM Smartphone


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Euro version model A10 (doesnt work in all US areas) here:

Woot member mrobinsn has used this phone and has mixed things to say about it.

Woot staffer BigD answers some questions (will it work in Europe? can the OS replace your Palm Pilot?) and discusses the fold-out keypad.


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WHAT DO YOU DO?? (yeah, I know… what is she doing out that late anyway [;)] )

Voq Professional Unlocked GSM Smartphone $159.99 + $5 shipping


…doesn’t look too bad.


Cell hones now??? WTF. How much is this
phone if you just buy it through Cingular?


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Looks like a great price – I’ve seen them go for a lot more elsewhere… Plus it’s unlocked!

Price on Amazon.com: $549.99
SkyMall Price: $499.99

This should sell out quickly!

Now the question of whether to buy…


Cool. I can’t use this with my service though… :frowning:


This phone looks kind of sucky. I like the Treo Better.


nice too rich for my bl00d night

w00t w00t


meh, good lookin butI got a good smartphone


No thanks, my BlackBerry will do just fine!


COOL… to$$$ for me.



keyboard looks cheap and what no kat this time


wow a smartphone!


My mother has onevery similar to this and she swears by it. Hmmm should I or shouldnt I?


Anyone know if nextel sim card will work with this?


Great phone for businessmen, but not for me.

I have Verizon too.


no thanks, just picked up a treo 650, which is way cool…

this is an mp3 player, right?


That’s a hot looking phone. Too bad I’m in love with my Treo.