Voq Professional Unlocked GSM Smartphone



Smartphone? are we really that smart for buiying it at this price?


I had a friend who had a simialiar phone with an expandable keyboard and the keyboard was very flimsy and broke within a month or two. But is a cute conversation piece.


bought one a while ago… too hard to use the keyboard. go buy the tmobile MDA.


Mobile Windows OS? No thanks… You’d be better off running it on an abacus or something.

Why can’t mobile manufacturers write their own OS?

– Still waiting for the Apple iPhone


I know this question is coming, yes Voq is a trusted namebrand.

Heres the link to their website: I’m not a treo


Great phone… tri-bands (850/1800/1900 ) works everywhere. Even in Vietnam where only pre-paid service is available.


How does this unlocked shiznit work anyway? Does that mean you can just do something and it will replace the phone you’re on now without needing to contact your provider?


No bluetooth?! BAH! G’night fellow wooters.


ugliest phone ever!
I’m glad I alrady have a great phone.
this is the fusion of the Flip-open phone and the flat faced phone.
<knock> <Knock> there’s even a door to open!


Neat looking phone with lots of bells and whistles…too bad I just got the free upgrade phone. Adios!


got sprint. just my luck == Hey I keep asking about shipping insurance, still can’t give an answer can ya WOOT. Why can’t you answer a simple question like that.?


Appears to be a good phone…
Any one have comparisions with Nokia’s 9xxx series?


Cell phones get weirder and weirder every day, it seems. The top part looks so heavy that it’s going to break off if I start typing with both hands on the bottom part.

Too expensive for me; my retro cell phone is good enough. :smiley:


What does it take to use this phone? Is it as simple as moving my sim card from my old phone to this one??


it looks like one of the photoshop entries from the stupid remote contest.


$159 at the BIG O
good price for the wooters
i will stick with my razr tho - ty and goodnight


Nice price, 89-140 on froogle



– Still waiting for the Apple iPhone

god help us… apple OS on a phone?

Microsoft OS is great… been using it for years. just not on this device.


Bought one last year on woot and it works well. Only complaint is the volume on the ringer…not loud enough. It is a tough phone. I dropped mine into a glass of Diet Pepsi and after it dried out worked just fine. I did have difficulties finding accessories but eventually there were some showing up on ebay. It will accept1 Gb SD cards