Voq Professional Unlocked GSM Smartphone



It’s not the Matrix.

Or is it?


and just when the momentum was starting to pick back up… gah!


Not that bad, But i’ll stick to my Motorola Razr =)


For Pricing Information Archival:

Voq Professional Unlocked GSM Smartphone
$89.99+ $5 shipping

condition: New
product(s):1 Sierra Wireless A11 Voq Professional Smartphone


how did he buy this in -1 second?


i just bought a k750i… soooo no.


i remember this piece of crap. Hopefully woot only has like 50 of em. Why is it that all of the good products, they have like 50 of, and they sell out before i can buy one, because my connection blows over here in the desert, but all of the crappy items, they have multi hundreds, and I have to sit here and watch my screen refresh on a horribly slow connection over the course of an hour or more as nobody wants the item? This is like a weird form of torture.


and for that matter, why did he buy it at all?


ya, time for a lil nap… im guessing they have right around 200 of these things. Perhaps not a woot killer, but more of a woot major-injury.


all loyal wooters have seen this one before. everyone should buy one- they rock


i would so get that phone if i didnt have verizon


yeah I’m as confused as you guys.

But hell, whoever he is, I’m glad he decidced to buy the phones so we dont have to watch this crap as long.


I estimate 300 phones based on information I cannot reveal… moving quite slowly, but … no one wants this phone. no one needs this phone. 12 hrs.


Worm holes…haven’t you seen that CDW commercial?

That employee must have figured them out!


Very true.


The last time it was up:
Sellout time: 9:42 AM Central Time
Order pace: 0m 42.835s
Today’s item quantity: 815

So on a non-woot-off sale of this, it took roughly 10 hours to sell out all 815 units. If previous woot-off quantities vs normal woot quantities are any indicator, then they probably have less than half that, which means less than half the time (5 hours). I wouldn’t be surprised though if there were only 150 or less, which would give us maybe 2 hours before this sells out.


The new items appear at http://www.midiwall.com/woot.php before they show on the regular front page, and I bet he clicked the buy from there isnstead


I’m not sure about that, the lambos started going relatively fast paced until about the 75% mark, then it seemed to lose a wheel or two on it’s metaphorical automobile. By about the 50% mark I think the whole transmission fell out, and about 25% it was merely a frame with one wheel and a person pushing it.

This cell phone is going about as fast as a geo metro with a misfiring spark plug.


so ur saying this POS actually sold out when it made its first appearance?