Vornado 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator

Website: www.vornado.com http://www.vornado.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ISC_Category=Midsize+630

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Many reviews!!!

The product website and the manual.

here’s the product website

and a spec sheet

and a general user manual as well

I do not own this particular model. However, my general experience with Vornado products has been rather positive. They seem to make good products and have good construction quality overall. And of course, they move air quite well.

In 76 degrees… woot! this could help…


59.99 at Amazon and here are the reviews:

Here are the great reviews

Another outstanding deal Woot! Thanks!

This really blows man!

wow this is small…must be powerful, I wonder how big is the base?..will it fit on a window seal?

last time woot had these, I got 3, I might pick 2 more… Work great and very quiet.

Bought this recently from woot, and I love it. It works really well, when I can use it. My parents (more just my dad) says it wastes electricity.

But I have the coldest room in the house, and it really helps.

No one is saying it, so here it is.

Instead of a woot that sucks, here’s one that blows.

Really well, too. We bought these for the office after having some air conditioning problems, and they have stabilized air temperatures in the problem areas.

Not too loud either.

Wow. I like the text substitution - the replacement of s-u-c-k-s to “leaps into a vacuum”.

If that’s a serious question (because who doesn’t like to poke fun at the 360’s heat issues), it may help an overheating 360. However, a more targeted solution such as what Intec, Nyko, and other brands offer tend to be more effective. And less noisy.

And yes, my 360 does have these aftermarket cooling solutions on it, and they seem to keep the system stable. =)

Captain Planet, he’s my hero

These are the best non-ducted fans I’ve ever used for moving air from one place to another. The “vortex” idea is brilliant. They don’t like falling 2m onto hard surfaces though, and once you’ve broken the fan blades that’s it for your fan. Buy three just to be safe! :wink:

Air Circulator:fan :: Sandwich artist:dude that works at subway

Does the base have something so I can mount this vertically on a wall?

So how quiet is it really? I am one of those people who likes the drone of a fan while I sleep. Does this make any noise? Plus being in college, I need something that can drown my roommates out at least a little bit…

ive had a bootleg walmart version of this fan. it was pretty good. I think it was about 10 bucks and was wall mountable.

But apparently this one would work great on the bus, or at the park!

Got the fan last time it was on Woot. It is awesome.

My favorite video about how Vornado creates their vortex action.