Vornado 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator

Not a fan of this one.

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Vornado 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator - Black
    Ken Onion Carving Fork

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When did “fans” become “air circulators”?

This blows.

got one of these in a previous wooting. really quiet and pushes a ton of air

get it!!

Captain Planet write-up, awesome!

get it!!

These are pretty awesome, I have the smaller one and it moves air very well.

Man this deal blows

This isn’t a FAN it is an AIR CIRCULATOR!!!

These things put out lots of air, but lots of noise too

Not a bad product. A little noisy, but tolerable.

Dang. Beat me to it.

I wonder what a Woot Off does to productivity in this country…

I also purchased one of these from woot a long time ago. I use all the time. It’s a great fan!

sansa, roomba, knives, fans… all the cast members are here today

Perfect for circulating those previously wasted cubical farts!

Vornado, just when you think your life can’t possibly blow any more than it already does, vornado is here to remind you to be thankful, because there is something out there that can blow harder.