Vornado 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator


Already bought this…wonderful fan

I bought this fan from Walmart a week ago. Wish I would of waited

3 speeds? Like “ahhhhhh,” “brrrrrrr,” and “f-f-f-f-freezing”?


these are good fans

Woot bot’s got one quality post and I have none :frowning:

Walmart has a good return policy. :smiley:

love my vornado.

using mine now. amazing fan!

No wonder this woot off was blowing through products so fast.

This vornado was blowing its way to the front.

It just screams BUY ME BUY ME and never be hot another day in your life…

not for me yet…too cold right now :slight_smile:

perfect for the rising temperatures!

I remember back in the day when an air circulator was simply called a fan :confused: