Vornado 610B Whole Room Air Circulator

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Vornado 610B Whole Room Air Circulator
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i bought the older model of vornado from woot last year (i think). had a problem with the first. woot sent a replacement right away. it works wonderfully. the best fan i’ve purchased. i would highly recommend their fans.

Have this fan from a nonwoot purchase. It’s awesome. It keeps our nursery cool without needing to point it at the baby. It is a little on the loud side, it works as a white noise for baby. Great fan. Small but strong!

I had a Vornado with a heat option - that thing kicked butt!!

As a teenager, my room wasn’t hooked into the home heat system for some lame reason. It frequently got to the mid 30’s in there at night. My mom got me that Vornado and it would heat the room pretty quickly, without the worry of old school space heaters.

If the new models are anything like that one? Go for it. It lasted for years.

I have 8 Vornado fans. I seriously doubt I’ll ever buy another brand again. These things are the bomb-digity.

anyone know what kind of CFMs are being run through on this fan?

I own about 5 vornado’s, also never buy another brand again. They simply move air, and the breeze carries across the room. You can be very far away and feel the breeze even on lower settings.

Used them as exhaust fans during construction, and they got caked in dust till they are a solid white. Still run fine.

We have a down stairs window that we leave open at night that’s near our stairs. We live in a very dry climate so the nighttime temps get down in the 50’s outside. On hot days, the upstairs doesn’t cool off at night. This fan should work perfect to pull the cool outside air upstairs.

And I also own about 8 vornado fans. Best preforming fan I have ever used. I use the larger one for circulating the air from the main level of my house to my upstairs in the summer. Since I don’t have zoned central air it helps keep the upstairs temp closer to the main floor temp.

I bought a Vornado 530B (smaller) from Woot. The fan is powerful, but if you want a fan that is uber-more efficient, pick a squirrel cage design as found in your A/C air handler. Lasko makes a number of these type of portable fans like this one: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Lasko-Pro-Performance-High-Velocity-Pivoting-Blower-Fan-4905/202185788?N=5yc1vZc4m7 They put out way more air and are MUCH quieter.

How loud are they? Thinking of getting a pair for our backyard patio (covered).

I love it when the “Specs” list the weight of floor mounted fans but state nothing about sound levels or air flow. I 'll not be surprised the day I click on the Specs tab and see “This product has a nice finish, free of specks.”

Also, kudos to whoever photo-shopped the cord out out the pics.

This is what drives me crazy here and on Amazon. There are so many models of many products that look identical, it is essential to have a list of specifications that are accurate. For this, they don’t even tell you voltage or cord length.

With the cord photoshopped out and no voltage listed, a consumer could just as easily believe that this runs on batteries. There would be no information to support nor contradict what powers it either way.

Low-238, Medium- 306, High-378
Sound in dB: Low-54, Medium-59, High-65

I too bought the 530b so it is not the same fan. That said, i don’t know the actual dB to real world application. I can tell you that on the low setting in the living room during the noisy part of the day, you cannot tell it is running. When the baby’s asleep, and we’re trying to quietly watch a tv show or movie, sometimes i’ll turn it off to be able to hear more clearly. This is however, one of the quietest fans i’ve had. I could just as easily set up some headphones for the tv.

So coincidental today. My boss just brought that exact lasko fan into the office to help circulate the air. It isn’t too loud and there isn’t much of a noticeable increase in noise when going from low to high speeds. the breeze, i think, even reaches a bit further than the vornado i have. that said, he purchased it to dry carpets and floors after a pipe burst. It certainly is modeled to be industrial. also, keep in mind it is $80 at the depot with only a one year warranty vs. 5 years on the vornado. TT shared this review of their customer service during the sale when i purchased my fan. Summation: I like both fans. I like my vornado 5 year warranty a bit more.

It is also hard to say if this is that good a price. Anybody have a view? One reviewer on Amazon (where it is no longer available) refers to it as a $60 fan. The 630 is available at $65.