Vornado 610B Whole Room Air Circulator

Teaching Zumba = must have multiple fans and a back up fan. No experience with Vornado but willing to give it a try for $30. In for one.

Bought two at $49.99 about six weeks ago. They are great fans. Very powerful. You can’t beat this price. Grab one or two or three.

anyone know what kind of CFM this thing puts out because for 70 i was gonna grab a 10inch rotocon comair
that pumps out almost 600cfm

I bought 2 about a month ago at $39.99. Thankfully they arrived the day before we had our carpeting in the basement shampooed–which can take some time to dry out. Amazing fans.

Bought 3 more for gifts. Love these fans!!!

Unsure about CFM, but it definitely BLOWS.

I’m with the pro-Vornado camp. I use one in my garage for workouts. Excellent and very reliable. I’d jump on this sale.

in for one.

I bought one of these (or similar model) a few years ago at Home Depot and love it.

We use it every day and every night, and it’s still going strong!

I didn’t really need another one, but can’t pass up this great deal. We’ll find a use for it no doubt!

I bought a Vornado 530B a couple of years ago and have been very happy with my $29.99 fan.

In for two more of these 610B’s as I’m sure I’ll find a use for them.

Woot it! I really wanted one of these. Any chance you will get more? Please do. BTW y’all really need to have an alert system for those who wanted an item, but it sold out and should you get more, to notify them. Now, I shall throw a little anti meh temper tantrum @¥*#** {•

Me too!

Got mine the other day…wish I bought 2 more…great fan will be on the look out for more of these…WOOT came through with the 610b…thanks