Vornado 615L Hi Velocity Fan

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Vornado 615L Hi Velocity Fan
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Vornado 615L 3 Speed Hi Velocity Floor Fan

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New Vornado 615L Hi Velocity Fan, for $39.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Vornado 615L 3 Speed Hi Velocity Floor Fan

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dude this thing blasts the air… Really powerfull…

In for one.

Some other Vornado fans on Amazon to compare to boost confidence. Not a lot of reviews though…

Anyone ever used this fan before? Is it loud? I’m looking for a nice strong fan when its not hot enough for air conditioner.

got one and I LOVE it…it really moves the air and is fairly quiet for the amount of air it moves.

what the… after summer?

for their size, Vornado fans pack a punch!

Is it really “whisper quiet”?

Yes. My friend has one and has had it for 15 years. It’s powerful and used a lot

If I read the description right, I don’t get a remote. If I’m spending $45 on a fan, I want a remote. I don’t care if it just turns it on or off.

Notice Oregon is well represented. Wonder if the 100 degree day today in Portland is the reason? (It was for me!)

Vornado Air Circulation Vornado 615L Hi Velocity Stand Fan White
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Hehe. Great.

For real though, I’m in Hell (aka South Texas) and I need some air circulation in my apartment…anybody really know if this is worth its weight in crap?

I have a Vornado set at low right beside my bed each night during hot Southern California summer nights, and I can barely hear it. I tried a different fan (a Honeywell) before I got my Vornado, and it kept me up at night.

HAH. Love it. I’m in for 1, this thing is 80 bucks on Amazon and I’m gonna need a good fan for school sans air conditioner.

I have two of the tabletop fans by Vornado. They are powerful and not too loud, much quieter than a box fan and easier to aim. Reliable, sturdy, and the casing can be opened up for cleaning with a brush.

The compact version I have is small enough to pack in the car along with my luggage on a road trip. I don’t need a floor model in addition to all the fans I now have.

Vornado, is BY FAR, the BEST fan in the world! I was walking through the store and felt a strong wind and I was like “double-you-tee-eff?” Little did I know, the next aisle over was the fan aisle, and I was like NO WAY! There’s no way this much wind could be coming from this little fan! Well, I was wrong. I was sold… until I looked at the price tag. This fan was 80 bucks!!!

THANKS WOOT! I’m definitely in for 1!!!

I will get this to replace my guaranteed-to-break in coming months Honeywell fan.