Vornado Air Purifier

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Vornado Air Purifier
$69.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Vornado Air Quality System (AQS) 15 Air Purifier

Long live the Woot-Off !!!

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New Vornado Air Purifier, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Vornado Air Quality System (AQS) 15 Air Purifier

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Haha, no one is here.

any good?

Amazon reviews show that it is a good product that filters the air well. Although since it moves so much air there is a bit of white noise created as well. Here are links to the amazon reviews:




Also of importance: Does the filter require replacement? If so, how often? How much for the replacement filter?

Also worth mentioning, the vornado website no longer offers this model and instead only has the AQS25 hepa filter system (larger than this one, sporting 6 changes per hour in up to 305 sq ft) and the AQS500 electrostatic system.

Replacement filters are available from Amazon (and elsewhere) for cheap. Prefilters need to be replaced at ~3 months, and HEPA at ~2 years.

this will come in handy next spring.

wow, I’d love to pick up 3 of these bad boys, too bad I can’t afford it right now… darn you woot…

i’m here baby :wink:

lol… you two… just because the person put giggles… you replied…

lol…probably two dudes chattin each other up on woot!

People seem to like this; does anybody here have a concept on how loud this thing really is? Is it just like a loud fan going, or is there, say, some grinding noise happening?

I have this air filter. The noise isn’t grinding or anything, but it is kind of loud. It has 3 settings with each faster speed having a correspondingly louder noise. I use the first setting and the white noise drowns out the sounds of birds chirping outside or my roommate coming home from the bar after a few to many rounds.

Personally, I love the thing. The air filters are a breeze to replace and I’m almost to the point that I can’t sleep without the gentle whirr of the filter.

Looks like people really like the sound this thing makes. How efficient is it at cleaning and purifying the air?

Where would you normally get the air filter replacements, at like walmart?

eh, would never get around to buying new filters and boy its dusty around here. we have an ionic one and it needs to be cleaned every couple of days, so i’ll have to pass on this.

Grabbed 3. Need purifiers as we’ve got a little mold problem in the house I bought. Hopefully these will help cut down n it. From what i read the noise it the only issue.

Hasn’t even shipped yet? >_< ?