Vornado Black Zippi Desk Fan

WooHoo!..imma big fan!

Got one of these from woot! a while ago and I’ve been liking it a lot. Really helps in my office that has poor temperature control.

Got one in a prior woot-off. LOVE IT.

oo hooooo this is going to go by quickly

These little fans ROCK! Bought 2 of them last time they had them up. PERFECT for next to the bed and in the guest bedroom when your guest NEEDS a fan to go to sleep. Very good fan.

Want, but another item the shipping kinda kills for me.

I own five of these, bought from woot a short while ago.

One is already dead. :frowning:

wow fan… looks cool though, at LAN parties you could use it as a weapon. No fan guards.

Enough of the hot air

got one

been looking for these in the stores recently. Thank you woot! I’m in for 3!

“Wook ah wah ahm ooin’!”

LOLZ! Love it!

amazon has it for 18 http://www.amazon.com/Vornado-FA1-0007-06-Zippi-Desk-Black/dp/B000E19MQ8

Does it move much air?

You need a small desk fan? Maybe something to put on your nightstand?

Stop stressing, buy this, it’s great. Then get on with your life.

Hm. Wonder why I’m seeing the houdini car escape two-fer when I go to the woot home page…

I want one, but I have a feeling I’ll end up hitting myself with it due to the lack of a cover on it. I’m not the most graceful person out there.

I purchased this fan recently on Woot. Two settings-- “I” very weak; “II” a bit stronger. This is not a very powerful fan but it does produce a desirable white noise.

coupon time