Vornado Flippi Fan

Yes! Fans! Just what I need for the upcoming winter!

Are these the larger models that circulate air throughout the whole room, or the smaller ones that don’t really do anything?

Where else do we hang out at 1am EST? The manufacturer’s website.

And since it includes one, you might want to see the manual first. Shouldn’t be rocket science though.

Are these better than the Zippi fans that Woot had earlier?

I bought this off of woot and it does not blow…which is why is it such a bad fan.

Wow great deal
almost $40 at walmart

I believe this was 12.99 on woot recently so a good deal especially when compared with prices elsewhere

I bought one of these last time they were up. Use it on my desk at work on the lower setting. It’s perfectly quiet and gives a nice breeze. I’m on the phone all day (for instance today I made 54 outbound calls and took 9 inbound)and i’ve never had a problem with it interfering with a call. The higher setting does create a bit of a ‘whooshing’ sound, but it’s actually way more air push than I need. Accidentally left it on overnight several times and once over the weekend with no issues and it’s still going strong.

here’s the google cache of the manufacturer’s website.

it actually loads.

and the actual website which seems to be working now.

I guess you could say “My fan blows” but not in the way you had expected!

not even walmart would sell a fan that would fit in the palm of your hand for $40…get your facts before making such a silly statement

These are on Amazon for anywhere between $19.99-$29.65 depending on color.

Cool videoabout how Vornado creates their ‘Vortex Action’.

Just wanted to check, does this make english to anyone else? All I’m getting is walmart wouldn’t sell a fan for 40 usd because it didn’t fin in your hand?

Ok he made the silly statment? Good.


hmmm…clicking on the wal-mart link says otherwise.

This is a Vornado Flippi V6… the Wal-Mart link is a V8

There are some decent reviews for this V6 guy on Buzzillions.

Woot photographers, your studio is showing. I can see your staging lights, and the other Flippi Fans reflected off the Flippi being photographed in almost every picture today. It’s like a little colored glimpse into the world of Woot. Reflections of Woot!

How about you click on the link. It isn’t Walmart selling the fan, it’s another retailer, CSNStores.com