Vornado Flippi V8 Desk Fan – 2 Pack

Amazon for $33 each

Gr8 for drummers trying to keep cool during a gig :slight_smile:

ooooooooooooo…“with blades that are safe to the touch during fan operation”

Does that mean baby finger friendly?

I might get one to try it out on the rotten neighbors…I kid, I kid…

Previous Woot

A few months back I bought a Vornado floor fan. If the quality for this is anything like that, then I am SO in for one!

Just checked out Sellout.Woot and their deal really blows too. If you are not in the market for a fan I guess you are out of luck until tomorrow.

Kinda bad reviews on Newegg (but only a handful made):


Edit: Also a bit cheaper on Newegg if you only want one. Woot is cheaper for 2+

Product Website

In for one… er, two. Exactly the fan I was about to buy on Amazon. Far cheaper here.

I bought 3 of these fans on a previous woot, well worth the money. Great fans. They had a “circuit board” smell for the first few hours though, ysmv.


I think I’ll have to get a pair of these.

I beg to differ.

I’ve used Vornado fans and these will not cut it if you play…oh…anything heavier than Sarah McLachlan.

They’re desk fans, and they’re phenomenal for that.

How stable is the base? I mean aren’t these fans strong, will they tip over if they are not positioned exactly flat?

Got one in red last time around for the wife… got to keep them hot-flashes under control… she LOVES IT. Great fan, super quiet and excellent construction.

Five out of five stars

The fan selling in this sale is the V8. It is larger, in size and power. This is the first time that the V8 has sold on this site.

I have these, along with the bigger Vornado fans. This brand is excellent. If you use them like you are supposed to (to circulate a room) you can tell the difference. I turn the AC off while I’m at work and leave the fans running.

Shucks no Red :frowning:

Very stable for us

Very stable. Mine have never “wobbled” or “tipped”

Now that I’m done linking, a personal review:

I bought this from Woot, and I’m quite happy with it. My brother-in-law has a couple of the large standing Vornado circulators, and my brother Wooted a Flippi, so I though I’d get one for my desk. It really moves a lot of air for a unit this size, and it’s quieter than several reviews led me to believe it would be (actually, I run an air purifier in my office, and I can’t even hear the Flippi).

I also have little trouble turning it on and off with one hand (also contrary to a few reviews I’ve read here). The swivel feature is quite handy, but best of all is the Flippi feature itself - how it folds up so neatly when not in use, and looks like a spaceship.