Vornado Soleaire Personal Foot Heater

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Vornado Soleaire Personal Foot Heater [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Vornado EH1-0039-06 Soleaire Personal Foot Heater

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How easy is it to clean?

here it is on amazon

and here’s vornado’s website

Found it for $42.95 on Amazon

Good reviews.

How hot does it actually get?

goes for $43 on amazon with an average of 4 stars.

my wife needs one so she isn’t warming her cold feet up on me.

Sign woot you have sold out with your high prices as low as $27 online or in a store :slight_smile:


Found the manufacturer’s Website

Though, it seems to be having database troubles atm…

can this be used in a bed under covers or am I just asking for burns in the 3rd degree?

$59.99 on Voronado’s Store online

You’re thinking about grilled cheese,right ?

What are the surface bumps made out of? Hard plastic, soft plastic…?

So all it really does is heat up?

Before anyone asks,

225 W max

115v typical house voltage

Amps = Watts / volts = about 2 amps

Just how powerful is the fan. I mean if the lady at the desk next to me is using it, will I smell her feet?


This is a product for someone like me, my feet are always like icicles! If I take this sucker to work, I am going to be made fun of until I retire… I mean die at my desk… but, having nice toasty feet would be nice… decisions, decisions…

wait seriously what is this for.

Do you only need heating in your toes when it is cold?