Vornado Soleaire Personal Foot Heater

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Vornado Soleaire Personal Foot Heater
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Vornado EH1-0039-06 Soleaire Personal Foot Heater

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Going through items fast, maybe they are trying a new buy quicker or don’t buy at all model.


I have some space heaters that hit my feet!


Unfortunatly this is it for the wootoff for me, gotta head to work.

I gave three of these away for X-Mas and people loved them…

I have two feet, do I need to buy one for each?

What happened? there was a camera, then this, then a camera, then this again?

Woot! can’t make up its mind!

Problem is, by the time SmartPos gets this here, it will be summer and my feet will no longer be cold…

Got this in a previous woot. Under my feet at the moment too, doesn’t get hot very fast so you’re blowing cold air initially.

Mine is warming my feet right now… THIS ITEM IS AWESOME.

Old women at offices everywhere are ordering the hell out of this right now.

These are really nice for the office or cold basements. Keep your feet warm.

good for warming the feet. We’ve bought three and are satisifed by them.

I have one of these and my girlfriend uses it all the time because her feet are always cold and this works perfect.

Using mine right now. Toasty! No it doesn’t smell because of my feet, yes it’s easy to clean with a quick vaccuum. Very good for the price.

No pun intended, these are the hot tip. Much appreciated by all to who go tthem as Xmas presents last year.

Highly recommended

I got this from the last Woot Off. It is great: quite and warms my tootsies! Rub your feet over the numbs for a massage.

Just in time for summer - where are the fans?

The foot warmer may be new but the commentary is certainly recycled. A woot-off earlier this winter used the same script.

OK…sooooo it heats your feet. Awesome