Vornado VH2 Whole Room Heater



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Vornado VH2 Whole Room Heater
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $13 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Vornados are great and last forever, except for when they don’t. When they don’t they last a couple months (usually inside manufacturers warranty though)

Here are some QVC Reviews


Here are some more amazon reviews But be careful, a lot of the 1 star reviews were made for the wrong model as pointed out here:

It’s very important not to get confused (as I suspect some reviewers have been) between two very similar Vortex models, the VH2 and the DVH. The DVH does indeed break almost instantly and should be avoided. This model, the VH2, on the other hand, is perfectly adequate for the price. No small electric heater in this price range is going to do a great job of quickly heating a large drafty room on an extremely cold day, but the VH2 does a find job. You will have to be patient however: it will take several hours to notice much of an effect in large dining room or kitchen. But if you wait, you will find that the VH2 gets the job done (and is quiet as well).


The Amazon ratings are also quite concerning - percentage of 1-star reviews is way too high. I have a Vornado fan and love it - but this could be a dud.


Which is a 5-year warranty. I had to call them on one of my fans a couple years ago and they were great. Very easy and I got a working fan.


I can say this about the cyber-Monday deal…it truly blows


This heater is awesome! I’ve only had it for a month, but we use it for extra heat in my grand daughter’s bedroom and also put it in her unheated playroom. Less than 5 minutes and that room (which used to be a porch and is mostly single pane windows) is toasty warm.


Last time that Woot! sold this, it was sold out by about 9am est. I debated getting one, tried to do some research, decided that I wanted one, then came up empty.

But I gladly picked on up this morning!


…it has come to pass…a fan/heater without a remote is like a car with roll up windows.


Bought this last time it was offered. Great heater, but only lasted through about two hours of use until it totally quit working.


I have been using Vornados for decades. They are powerful, quiet, and can heat a very large area without blowing you over. I almost wished I needed more, but I have plenty of heaters.


Really getting worried about Woot.com…THIS IS A CYBER-MONDAY “deal”? I expected another Roomba sucker-upper…but got this thing that just blows!!!


Eeep, did you contact our customer service or Vornados?


No, this is HOT deal!



I agree. We have had this style Vornado for almost 20 yrs and it’s still our fav space heater. We LOVE it!!


Is there a difference between this heater and the Vornado Model VTH Style EH1-0025-01 Whole Room Vortex Heater (Love it!) that I Wooted a month ago? The specs look simlilar. Anyone know?


Am I just missing it, or does it say anywhere in the description/specs what SIZE room this will keep warm?


does someone have a useful link to previous discussions? Thx so much.


Does anybody happen to know what it costs in electricity? It says the energy is about 1500 watts for high and 750 for low, but curious if anybody has experience in how that translated into money. Thanks!