Vornado VH2 Whole Room Heater

Mreh. Bought one the last time this showed up on Woot. USPS lost the package in transit, Woot CS will not reply, and USPS won’t do a thing.

Heard good things about this, and was looking forward to it… get’s nippy up here in Northern MN.

If you stare at the photo long enough, it actually starts spinning…

You still didn’t get it?? That doesn’t sound like woot…

How big an area does it heat? have older home, no heat upstairs. Would be nice to use while we read.

can’t speak for this particular model, but I highly recommend the previously wooted model

feet, seat, entire area of small 10x10 bathroom heated. does seem to keep the heat lower down than other space heaters used.

Previous Sale

I have the one that was wooted not that long ago and it is awesome. We have a small house with a large amount of draft through the house and it really heats the living room and bedroom up.

In fact, I have it on right now and the living room feels great.

since I have no idea how to measure rooms, I’ve heated what would be a master bedroom of an apartment just nicely with one of these. The first one we had lasted years before finally dying (partly due to human error there). I bought one off of Woot during the summer (yeah I planned ahead) and love it

Got this same model 3 weeks ago, and have been very pleased. It quickly and quietly warms up an oversized bedroom that’s chilly by 4-5° in about 35-40 minutes.

Got one of these to heat my daughter’s room (12 x 16) at night as it gets drafty. It did a great job and we have actually turned the settings way down since it was getting too hot. We have been able to turn our thermostat down at night too. I highly recommend.

Thanks for the replies.

I have two questions for owners… In the description it says that it uses “whisper quiet technology”, is it really quiet? I’ve been looking for a tiny space heater, but space heaters don’t make noise, which I like. Secondly is the air blowing out of it powerful? I get really dried out so I’m worried this will be a problem. Thanks if you can help

Frys is selling it for $59. Mediocre reviews on Amazon.

(this one) $49.99, New, Vornado VH2 Whole Room Heater, Warranty: 5 Year Vornado
(last one) $39.99, New, Vornado VTH Whole Room Vortex Heater, Warranty: 1 Year Vornado

Both have Non-Glowing, Thermostatically Controlled Heat Element

Both appear the same but this VH2 doesn’t seem to have as good reviews as the VTH. I’m in for 3 anyway with the 5 Year warranty.

I have a slightly different model, but assume the sound is similar. It is very quiet and the fan does a good job at circulating the air so it really does heat up the entire room evenly. This means it can be on the other side of the room if the air flow bothers you, but I don’t think the fan speed is that high to cause issues.


can the heating element be turned off for summer use?