Vornado VH2 Whole Room Heater

kinda…cold…in here.

FWIW, this is a whole room heater. You put it in the corner of the room and let it heat up the entire room. It has a fan that distributes the heat evenly. It works great this way.

This isn’t a stick it under or near your desk for instant heat kind of heater. You’ll just feeling coolish air if you try to do that. Trust me.

I’ve been looking for a good heater, especially that distributes as the gas wall heater we have tends to heat the ceiling…

If you have experience with it, how big a room does it heat to comfortable levels, was it uncomfortably cold before, and how hot did it get?

very loud?

I have this heater. It’s very quiet. I use it to heat my living room with is approximately 17x12. But the living room also has an open doorway to the kitchen and other parts of the house and yet if run continuously it will heat the room to around 72 degrees. I only keep my heat set on 62 degrees so it does an excellent job.

thanks, sold out! oh well, it’ll be around again probably.