Vornado Whole Room Heater

We sold this once before. Would some wooters that bought it last time like to chime in with some reviews?

I bought three of them last time. It was 90 degrees today so I haven’t had a chance to try them out. I was just thinking about the fact that I hope they all work though because by the time it gets cold enough around her to open them up I won’t be able to complain and return them if they don’t work.

Got three last time for the office but haven’t fired them up yet as it hasn’t gotten cold enough.

Here’s link to prior offer comments tho’:

Prior comments are pretty good. Think I’ll just have to get a couple for the cabin. Might even steal one from the office for Turkey Day in the mountains and replace it with one of these new ones. Hum. Wonder if that would get me fired?

I have several Vornado Space Heaters for a huge shop building I have. They’re by far the best space heaters I’ve ever owned and I’ve tried all of the brands. Their fans are powerful and the heat is GREAT. I’ve had a couple go out on me over the years and Vornado’s customer service department has been wonderful and sent me out new heaters.

I would NEVER hesitate to buy a Vornado space heater or fan.

So does it have Whisper quiet operation - moves air effectively with minimal noise?

So does it have Whisper quiet operation - moves air effectively with minimal noise?

Got two of them last time these were sold. I had to take one apart and reassemble it correctly so the control panel didn’t flop around. They are extremely quiet and can keep a small room warm. I’d buy again if I needed more space heaters.

I own a small desktop Vornado Heater & the little thing is perfect for heating up my office (a deep freeze with the building’s AC system!)and serves double duty as a fan when the heat element is in the off position (between high & low). I would imagine that this is similar but for an entire room, plus it has a thermostat control too! Vornado fans & heaters are very efficient & quiet. This is an excellent price too!

Selling for $69.95 at Amazon.

Here is a review for it too:

Some thoughts:

  1. It’s somewhat expensive for such a featureless heater. It uses simple resistive coils, which is the oldest electrical heating technology available. Newer heaters use ceramic elements, oil-filled chambers. mica panel elements, quartz tubes, etc – all of which contribute to efficiency.

  2. There is no remote, which is very helpful for a whole room heater when you’re in bed. Nor is there a timer, which is nice to heat a room before you return home from work.

  3. The thermostat is very rudimentary. Not only does it use an analog dial, but I don’t even see temperature markings on the dial.

  4. The specs give no indication of how many watts the LOW setting uses. That may be important for offices and dorms, where you’re not allowed to use high wattage appliances. My guess is that it uses 700-900 watts on LOW.


  1. Despite all the above shortcomings, I’d recommend this based on the 5 Vornado fans I own. The design does circulate air efficiently, which bodes well for this as a “whole room heater.” And in the Summer, you can use it as a regular fan (or “air circulator,” as they call these fans). I left my Vornado on 24/7 in the Summer and it performed like a champ.

And because it is such an exce;llent air circulator, you can use it on FAN ONLY to circulate or direct any warm air in the room. For example, let’s say you have a regulsr room radiator in your apartment. You can use this on FAN ONLY to circulate that static hot air toward the sofa or your bed, or around the room. By using the fan only, you use very little electricity.

Sounds like a good reason to open them up, test them out and report back for a possible quality post. :happy:

After 2 months, I found out mine is junk and Woot just passes the buck! “you’ll need to first contact Vornado for warranty assistance”

Last non-woot-off, also $39.99

as a reminder,…

Sorry for the problems but it does have a Vornado warranty. I’ve contacted Vornado myself for warranty on a fan and they were awesome. Holler at support@woot.com if you have any problems with getting warranty service.

Can you really turn off the heat and use it in the summer? It looks like there are two settings for heat: high and low.

I can handle the “cold” california weather just fine until I step out of the shower. Then I hate everyone for about 10 minutes afterwards.

This might seem frivolous but I’m buying one just to put in the bathroom for my morning showers.

I bought these the last time they were offered. I got to use them a few mornings when it was colder here in the Bay Area. On LOW with knob turned up and the fan on AUTO, my 20’x30 (L-shaped) room was comfortably warm throughout.
I would agree with the whisper quiet claim because it only audible when you are right next to it. Nothing like my older heating dish from COSTCO where it made a loud noise (like turning on an old tube TV) every time it turned on. Very annoying indeed.
Like what others claim, it doesn’t have a remote or a timer. The timer would have been nice where I can run it for an hour during bedtime and it turns off when I’m fast asleep.
Overall, I would recommend this heater; just be aware of its limitations.

How are these price-wise compared to older integrated heat systems?

I bought 1 of these last time they were offered and after 1st use wished I’d bought more. My living room, dining room and kitchen are semi open floor plan (15x17 x2 and 17x17 L-Shaped). I put this on high, full heat for an hour and the temp changed noticeably. It is snowing here in NJ and this is the only heat I have on downstairs. After an hour I turned the heat to ‘low’, the fan to ‘auto’ and put thermostat about 1/3 up. The whole downstairs is comfortable.

True, this does not have a remote control or a timer. I can see the reasoning behind the timer, but it doesn’t take that long to heat things up to make it a deal breaker. As for the remote… I am able and willing to get up to turn it off. :slight_smile:

For the price, this is a great deal. It is quiet, reliable, does what is says – for $45 – the price for a Chinese meal or 3 pizzas. For those who need the bells and whistles… The TVH500 With Remote costs $150 +tax in WalMart and Target, $140 +ship on Amazon.

For that price difference… This unit suits me just fine. So, I just got 2 more.

got mine last time. i’m using it now and i’m quite satisfied. much quieter than the in-wall electric heater units my apartment has (they’re probably very old and are quite annoying), and it definitely spreads the heat out much more too.