Vornado Zippi Desk Fan

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I got these fans before, they latch right onto my bed post, and they work great keeps me cool at night

if only they were 2 for tuesday, oh well, in for 2


FWIW, I have 2 Zippis. One in my office at home and another in my office at work. They’re great because they move the air but don’t shuffle my papers around. And they’re funny looking.

http://www.vornado.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ISC_Category=+ZIPPI i haz a link

I bought two off of woot a while ago.

One burned out (probably because I kept letting my headphones get tangled in them) and the other is running strong.

Great design, and fun to put your fingers in the blades. Moves air reasonably well.

I’m in for a few more.

I own one. Lime green. I probably had it for close to a year; it is sturdy and looks like it will last a long time. The quality could probably be better, but it’s far from flimsy.

I can’t stop running my hand through the blade while it spins. I don’t know why.

I bought three of these as a previous Woot. I regret to report that all three gave up the ghost not long after I put them into action. They just sort of burned out or something, just suddenly stopped working one day, after a few weeks of use. One lingered on a bit longer but then it too stopped working. I took one apart to try to see what the problem was but could find no physical evidence. The best I could surmise was that the motor simply burned out for one reason or another.

this is a great desk fan, real effective at close distance you’re at when working. as an added benefit, the cat can stick his paw in it with no ill effects…

Cat Safe!

Same Cat, Different Angle

say how come main woot vornado’s get ground, but we get smartpost :frowning:

120 reviews averaging 4 stars on Amazon.

I have one of these (a red one) blowing on me right now. I will say this: I am a big fan (pun intended).

Seriously, though, these things are amazing. Don’t expect them to push air all the way across your bedroom, but that’s not what they’re meant for. They -do- make perfect desktop or nightstand air coolers.

At shorter distances, they really push air (even if they are just windbreaker jacket-like cloth with foam sewed into the ends of the blades). The switch feels meaty and well-made, and the blades really don’t hurt. They sting a little and may give rug burn if you hold your arm up to it for a long time, but use common sense and you’ll be fine.

Final word: you will NOT find these at this price anywhere. Ended up wanting another and paid $20 for it. I’m buying three more of these, pronto.

I lucked out on a 2-fer Tuesday and got 6; then I picked up 3 more later on. Why so many?

Well, my 112-year-old house in southern New Mexico was designed for maximum airflow in the summer; unfortunately, the dolts who last painted it sealed about 25 of the windows shut.

I keep these little Zippis next to beds in all the bedrooms and they’re perfect for keeping sleepers cool enough to sleep. Two more are next to our chairs in the living room.

And one is in my office at school, hanging on the wall just above me to keep me from ripping off my shirt during a hot flash.

My students will NOT keep their fingers out of the blades, but neither the fans nor the kids have suffered from it in… more than two years, I think. GREAT fans!

These are amazing…I have a green one next to me right now. My wife complained that I wanted the air on more than she did and to buy a fan. That night, Woot had these on a two-for-Tues. One of the best Woot purchases I ever made. VERY small, folds up even smaller, but pushes an enormous amount of air around even on low setting (this one has a high and a low). It’s fairly quiet too, and has the nice no-harm blades which look silly but have been nice to have around to avoid damage.

If you even have the remote possiblity of a fan need, get one. You will not regret it, and this is a great price for them (I’d recommend two).

I love these things. Very nice to have a light breeze blowing on you on warm summer nights and quiet enough not to disturb your sleep with some faint white noise.

I’m sad I missed the 2-for Tues

So how much were these on two-fer Tuesday?

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15.99 for 2

Sorry for this FAQ. I just wanna know about the power supply. 110V or 110V-240V? Thanks

Thanks for your comments, folks. Helped give me that little push I needed to decide between this one (bit cheaper) and the regular 2-fer Woot fans. Only need it for the office, so this should be perfect (plus I’ll still be able to afford an Angus Burger before payday :slight_smile: