Vornado Zippi Fan – 2 Pack

I love and own many vornados so might as well hop on these too…

With these guys I have a vornado family…

and ya, I love vornados…I dont see too many fans do what these fans can do…and they’re solid…lots of wind…you know they’re on…

we’ll see about these lil’ guys but I feel pretty good about buying with confidence for anything with vornado on it…are far as air circulators are concerned…


: )

I have a big daddy vornado on right behind me


Even though its construction orange color… I gave in and bought it…

Hopefully the reviews hold true and it really does give a nice breeze but stays quiet!

It’s a cloth bladed fan, does more need to be said? Seems like a good thing for kids, I guess…

4.5 stars on amazon and $20 bucks each. : http://www.amazon.com/Vornado-FA1-0007-06-Zippi-Personal-Black/dp/B000BQPEE0/

$20 on their website too: http://www.vornado.com/products/zippi/how-zippi.htm

And, for it in use, here’s a cat playing with it. Really

Cloth Blades. I’m in for my kids.

Thanks woot!

No more hittin me winkie on the fan blades, awesome! In for a 2fer.

Loved the cat playing with it! Thanks for searching that!

I own one. It pushes a little air (enough to make a difference, at least) but the cloth blades don’t lend themselves to a coherent airflow. I used mine in the office and if nothing else it moved the air around, even if not always straight ahead.

Two speeds, “low” and “just as effective as low but a lot noisier”

Flips down into the little pedestal (though never accidentally), so was a candidate for bringing along on trips.

I think the almighty woot gods smiled upon us western US folk, as the sales by region map may illustrate, as it will be 110 degrees in my area as we approach the end of this week.

Heat waves should be illegal.

do I WANT to know why you’re focusing them right there???

I think Al Gore is looking into making heat waves illegal. It’s the whole reason he invented the internet

I actually have one of these at my desk at work. Its fairly quiet and decent amount of air is moved.

Hey. Those fans look a little, shall I put it politely, “tired”???

I have one. Makes a decent desk fan. Every clown in the office puts their hand into it even before they know it has cloth blades.

In for a couple more.

I’m a mechanical engineer. You’re going to lose virtually all of the reason for having a fan blade once you make it so very flexible. It needs to have strength to push against the air or
the air will instead push the blade … out of the way. It might be quiet but that’s because no
air is moving.

If you truly want to try something , as an experiementer that I’ve had excellant good fortune with is this:

USe a CLEAN electric leaf blower and put it on either 12 volts DC up to about 25 volts DC and
take off the long long snout if you can. It’s in the way.

The squirrel cage type motor and the low speed at 12 volts means it’s a directed but very quiete flow of air. I’ve made two of them and they work much better than any fan I’ve
ever owned. I think I like the quiet and the fact they put air where you want it.

It should be about 8 feet away.

Remember you’re not running them on 120 V ac. If you MUST then try using a dimmer but you will also need to put extra load on the dimmer with the fan to make it work properly. Or it
will run too fast.

Many places sell refurbed leaf blowers for under $15.

Ok. More about these.

Never needs oiling means they are sintered bearings. These wear out rather quickly. Even faster since the load, the fan, is not well balanced. how could it be with floppy wobbly blades?

If you DO want more power from the fan blades try this: Put some weight on the ends. USe
something very sturdy like:

  1. Very very strong staples with a heavy bit of plastic… AND EACH of the 3 MUST BE IDENTICAL… OR it will wobble and not work.

  2. You would measure out a fixed amount of thick adheasive and do the same thing.

It will be nearly impossilble to make it balanced. Maybe what you should do first is see if you can make duplicate blades AND attach them if necessary.

These are a toy to deprive you of your money. Novelty is the main thing that people buy thigns for in this society. If you lived where food was scarace you would not ever think to buy

What the poot woot I’m in for toot… ;o)

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I think you DO want to know…but I’ll never tell. Muahhaha!

In for 3! I have Vornado fans all over my house already and have been looking for some new ones for my desks… these are perfect!

these will definately work in a small design studio
it’s 115 out here

In for three sets. I’ll give them a Christmas gifts. Nothing like giving desk fans when its freezing out! If nothing else they will be “safer” for the kids.

The video of Hector the cat playing with it SELLS it for me. Awesome and thank you for posting that. I give my sincere assurance to others that it isn’t a rickroll, it is Hector the cat playing with this fan.

And here isReturn of Hector the cat and the Vornado fan!

(Again, I hate rickrolls, hate them… so I promise it ain’t)

tracy, in for at least a pair… still negotiating with the Household CFO