Vornado Zippi Fan

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New Vornado Zippi Fan, for $7.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Vornado FA1-0007 Zippi Fan

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How do foam blades stand up to things? I mean having them exposed isn’t the best idea…

Does a small fan like this really pay off?

Permanently lubricated fan?


Pretty much all of the reviews on Buzzillions are good.

and Amazon too.

How much air do these move?

I wonder how durable the blades are? I know they’re soft so you don’t hurt yourself on them but how much give do they have before tearing?

anybody have one?

I bought these last time they were on Woot. They create enough of a breeze to be helpful and are easy to move around and set up in odd places (like on the counter in the kitchen).

Wondering about the RPM’s or maybe the Wind Speed?

Hmm, we had some probem last year finding a fan to put near the crib and this might be just the thing.

i have another vornado brand fan and that baby can blow. But with the hot summer rolling around i could use a smaller one by my computer, i might be in for one, ill think about it.

I’m trying to order one, but I can not select the color, so it will not process.

What da…?


Good price

Nice lil air movers and pushers…

I’m always in for a good desk fan!!! I just wonder how loud they are???

This little thing is probably nearly useless. I’m glad I caved and bought that Vornado clip-on Woot had a few weeks ago. Now THAT was a real fan. Quiet yet powerful.

How much power do they use?

These are great- I got one of them for college last year. The angled base lets it hang over the edges of shelves and things.
And the fabric-y fans allow you to give in to the impulse of trying to stick your hand in between fan blades and pulling it out again without getting hit with minimal consequences.