Vornado Zippi Fan

Is the base flexible, so you can wrap it around a bedpost or something? Versatility would sell me on this item.

i got one of these a while back, and it works great! Im in for 3

No metal blades… no deal!!

Does it hurt if I stick my finger in the way while it is running?

I bought a simlar model a year or so ago on Woot. Really nice. I was surprised at how well they work. I have one in my office at home and at work. Mine are orange.

Yes, put an electrically operated fan with exposed blades near a crib. Sounds like a winner.

Anyone that has used these have a comment on how noisy they are?

I have 2 of these and they work great as a desk fan, also for bedside on warm summer night. Quiet and efficient. Normally keep it on low speed, but sometimes high. Great item, blades hold up well yet can do no damage to items or flesh. Highly recommended.

I bought 3 of the orange ones awhile back and I absolutely love them! I cant find anything bad to say about this little hard worker. The cloth blades are absolutely great around little kids.

Reviews from WIZE are pretty good too. Only negative things I see are about Vornado’s customer service. I don’t have one of these fans, but I had a bigger Vornado with a 2 year warranty that they replaced after 1 year and about 8/9 months that failed, free of charge. Good service, in my opinion…


Had one of these for the better part of two years before its motor seized, permanently lubricated or no. 'Course, I used it most every day on the desk in my office.

Liked it enough that I’m in for two this time around, and at this price I’m better than breaking even with what I paid retail the last time.

I got a couple of these from a two for tuesday prob a year or so back on woot. Put one on the desk at work, one on the desk at home, and saved my bacon a couple times when we lost ac at work last summer. They push air pretty decently for a small fan, and make hardly any sound.

My wife bought me one last year, and it works great. The blades generate enough of a soft breeze that you can focus directly on you. Perfect for a kids room. Soft Blades make it kid safe.

You understand this has soft blades, right? And people have lamps and other electrically operated items near cribs, right?

I mean, I’m sure you’re still wearing the giant foam helmet your parents made you wear but some of us like to live somewhat more on the edge.


I got the orange versions of these from woot awhile back. People who are under the impression that the blades need to be foam/metal/plastic etc. to move air efficiently are wrong. I have this set up and it moves air very well so much in fact that I use the lower of the two speeds most of the time.

My desk fan crapped out yesterday. Good ol’ woot’s got my back. In for one.

Yeah, all those insulated electronics and fabric blades sure look dangerous to put 6 feet from some baby who can’t reach it.

It doesnt even hurt. The fan just slows down when the blades are touched. I keep one by my bed and simply reach through the blades to adjust or stop the speed.

I have one of these and really like it. The blades are fabric, not foam. It’s quiet and moves a decent amount of air.