Vortex 2-10x40 Optics Razor HD Riflescope Black

Vortex 2-10x40 Optics Razor HD Riflescope Black

Vortex optics USA has a transferable unlimited lifetime warranty on all their products. So why do these have none? Buyer beware.

They just forgot to write it. I would bet money these came from B&H Photo, who purchased them from the manufacturer.

I’ve emailed Vortex support to inquire how to confirm these are genuine. If so, excellent deal.

Just a FYI, this scope is discontinued by vortex. There have been sales elsewhere for lower than this, including Amazon

Definitely not worth $400… Has been on sale for weeks at lower price everywhere…

That’s a lie though. Unless you’re talking about brick and mortar retail.

Camel Camel Camel disagrees.

Hi there. We’re helping Amazon move some inventory. In these cases, because we’re not the original buyer, we can’t guarantee manufacturer warranties. Our 30 day return policy is still in effect.

I did some searching and couldn’t find a lower price.

Hi, I don’t see the model number listed, can you confirm the model number please?

I went to get the box and I can’t find it. Womp womp

Is this the model number?

Style 2-10x40 - G4 BDC MOA

G4 BDC MOA is the reticle. There are two variants.

This should be the item: https://vortexoptics.com/vortex-razor-hd-lh-2-10x40.html?___store=default

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Agreed with Jeffosaurus’ comment. What is the model number for this scope? Is it the first generation, or the second generation version? This should be listed in the specs, but a model number would be good to know also.

Hi there. Here’s the model number. RZR-1565

Thank you!