Vortex Portable Mixer – 2 Pack

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Vortex Portable Mixer – 2 Pack [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Vortex 18 oz. Portable Mixer

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fancy product sheet from vortex

See it in action

My first comment ever!! Woot hoot!! How these things work anyway?

You have no idea how tempting this is for a bored college kid.

Does it work with ice at all? Or is that a big no no?

Does anybody know about the battery life on these?

I wonder if it is dishwasher safe.

Interested, but how do you clean them - they obviously can’t go in the dishwasher…


Aha! you put in some soap and water and turn it on… Not trusting it.

Now if it could make milkshakes or crush ice… That would be a buy.

sold out at:

According to the people who make them you:

"Simply run the Vortex under water immediately after use. For an extra clean Vortex, add water and a drop of soap into Vortex and turn it on…within 30 seconds your Vortex will be good as new! Never again will you have to put your mixer through the dishwasher! "

They’re also like 19.99 each there

The parent company is Cellucor. And here’s the specific product page, albeit with limited information.

im with jferry2 too… can this think rock the dishwasher… im guessing the battery holder can come off right?

The cheerleader coach in the first episode of Glee used something like this. Thought it was strange and extravagant. Use a spoon or stir stick, and save some batteries.

The only reason this wouldn’t seem frivolous is if you’re using a lot of powdered something-mix and adding fluid just makes it cake up rather than blend or become saturated. Even then doesn’t seem worthwhile.

Although it would allow for making chocolate milk faster. Eh.

I have a couple of these. I wouldn’t use them in a dishwasher, but that’s just me. The question about ice is definitely a no. They’re mainly made for something that is already mixed that you don’t want to settle or for something like a protein drink. I actually picked mine up at the Arnold’s Fitness Expo where they were marketing them for that puprose. They work very well for that.

Another action video…\


I’m in for 2.

These things are garbage… Sorry woot. I got a dozen of these from another site and not one of them worked.

How well does this thing handle ice? Will it crush it or will the ice crush the blender?