Vortex Portable Mixer – Set of 2

I bought these on here a month or so ago… I broke one of my blender bottles and figured for the price it was worth a shot. They work, but they are a miserable design. You have to take the batteries out before you wash (by hand), and the spring and contact points for the batteries are cheap and fall apart.

Wait and just get these in ur next bag o crap. Then wrap them up for ur friends haha.

Hey, look at the Woot Field Test!


Are these the ones with the flimsy plastic spinning thing? Are they hard to clean? Do bits of the beverage get stuck under the spinning thing?

Surprise…this mixer really works and it works just fine. We received a very similar machine several years ago which makes capuccino, mocha, latte and cold drinks. The mixer selling here today seems to be similar if not better, so I’m buying 2 sets.

I ordered these last time and they’re probably the ‘best’ vortex mixing drinks to have. Now, saying the ‘best’ I mean they do work, and the competition is not that great.

The material is nice, hard acrylic plastic and the bottom is metal. It feels really well put together.

Cleaning them is somewhat tricky, but I dont have too problem since my fingers can reach the bottom. dash of soap and vortex…whee

These are excellent for mixing arizona stix:


and I highly recommend them for work offices, it beats lugging in cases of drinks and all my co-workers are impressed…lol

I frequently fill past the ‘max line’ and i do mix with ice, but leave enough room for the vortex to operate.

Change the batteries! the ignite ones are laughable…

have fun


Looks like they moved 7499 woots last time this was for sale

That means there are almost 15,000 of these out there. What does the woot community think, should we buy these or stay away from them?

Also just curious how many woots do you think woot will sell this time. I’m guessing ~5500 woots.

eh i’m in for one why not

I’m buying these for the sole purpose so that I can put water in it and make a tornado when im bored.

The chassis and “blades” are generic and most likely made in China. I’ve seen them in many different models, include Dollar Store ones. They do work, but don’t expect miracles or a lifetime of service. First, the torque is VERY low so viscous drinks are out of the question. That means egg and yogurt-based drinks are not a good idea unless you really thin them out with water. Fruit purees can also be a problem.

Second, CLEAN IMMEDIATELY. The major source of failure is gunk accumulating on the rotors. And that happens if you let the liquid dry before cleaning thoroughly. Once little particles dries inside the rotor, you can forget about getting them out.

Even with proper care, you’ll be lucky if you get more than a year of use.


Can you use ice with it? I wanted an easy solution to having a blender (this would be just for margarita’s).


The server issues have been fixed so you can order now. Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

Oster makes a Blend n Go that has much better blades, works on a regular blender base. You can even change blade types for super blended ice. I’ve had mine for several years, no issues.

I ordered 3 of these a long time ago. They may have fixed the weak motors/poor battery compartment. But on the 3 I had they weren’t exactly meant to last. The motor on 2 failed, 1 never worked whether it be motor or battery.

With the 2 that failed, 1 was used for protein shakes with milk and the other for those single serving tea/koolaid things with water. The protein failure was due to the motor not being strong enough for the powder IMO. The other probably failed due to water getting in the battery area unnoticed.

The one that never worked may have been a battery, I never cared to look into it any further. I still used the 2 failed ones for about a year after they broke just as a water cup at work. Nice to have cups with lids around at your desk :slight_smile:

Yes they are hard to clean and no the beverage doesn’t get stuck under the spinning thing, they get stuck under the top lip of the cup. The spinning thing looks flimsy but hasn’t broken after about 15 uese.

Use this to aerate wine.

No. This is to mix powder with liquid - ice would not work as it’s just a mixer.

I’m in for one. I’ve been using a small battery powered hand mixer at work to make my green superfood drinks.

This looks like it might do a tad better job at mixing the powder and milk.

no dont use ice with it. mix your drink then pour over ice.

as long as you put hot water in them right after use they are easy to clean. they work great for mixing powders into milk. or anything not viscous into water. the issue i had was after about a month of use on one of them the rim started to smell funky like something got trapped underneath. for the second one i just used a small amount of silicone around the inside edge and havent had an issue yet.