Vote for Boaty!

Finally, a candidate that will float ; )

Love the layout and symmetry of the design.

I approve of this message.

(For those less versed in the reference, click here.)

Thanks for the link… I felt pretty clueless there for a minute…

Haha! Boaty McBoatface is the best thing so far this year. Great shirt!

I had no idea this was international news. I’m so … proud?

If this isn’t jumping on a trend to make a quick profit, I don’t know what is.

The most British shirt Woot has ever offered!

Yes, Thank you for the link, Narfcake. I was clueless too, but I didn’t even know it. I thought this shirt was some kind of a satirical comment on the dismal lack of quality candidates running for the United States presidency.

Actually, maybe it is that also, come to think of it… lol

What happened to original ideas for shirt designs…and pretty sad that the internet takes no seriousness in something naming a ship for their country…

When i was a kid we were more serious and did everything right. mmhmm

It’s silly, for sure, but charming too.

It’s more serious than that time Californians elected a movie star as governor. His term ended with a 23% approval rating.

Sad? How is this sad? I think it’s a great name. It’s gotten a huge amount of free publicity for the project and organization behind it, and even if the name is a bit silly, how is that bad?

Personally, if I were running the ship, I’d be proud to say, “Hello, this is Captain Christopher Cashell, of the RRS Boaty McBoatface.”. And I’d say it with a big smile every single time I said it.

Boaty McBoatface would guarantee extra publicity for anything related to this ship. It’s actually a great name.

It’s such a small niche joke, even for this site

It’s a boat. I doubt that it’s upset about this name.

tooot toooot! Glad some people liked it XD

We are naming our pontoon boat, Boaty McBoatface. I needed shirts for all the crew.