Vote For Me


Some of are lazy. Some of us don’t have tons of spare time. Most of us like to see what our friends have entered into contests (especially the t-shirt contest). Here is a place to post your vote for me links. Please use this thread, but don’t abuse it or I won’t come looking again.

Vote Here!


Vote for v8r, he’s in the fog!


I love how the eye on the second sheep is huge! :meh: I voted for it. :slight_smile:
(and yours and Joe’s too)


vote for no1’s becuase it is freakin awesome!


And don’t forget TAAARRRGGHUS’s (hehe) either


I liked v8r’s entry that you posted the link to. Nice work v8r




Okay I voted for everyone. Who else is out there?


vote for pedro.



THANKS, everyone who already voted for my shirts!

vote for mybump, 59
myStormy night, 70!
mySaturn, 115!
no1’s mad scientist 58
and v8r’s sheep counteater. ???



been busy Joe? And duly voted for


Oops missed this one. Seriously though, I probably should rent that movie.


I didn’t like it, but a lot of people thought it was great.


My embarassment My dumbass needs to read the fine print a little better!


I thought your design was well thought out and a really neat idea.

Or you can vote for:

Howl at the DeathStar:


Dang, darth. I’m really sorry.


That sucks, darth, I hate to see that happen. FWIW the concept was great and the way you put everything together was very creative. Kudos to you for being such a good sport about it and handling it the way you did.

I didn’t realize this thread existed, I was thinking about starting one over here but didn’t know what to call it. Sometimes I wish we could sort the shirts by artist so we can identify the shirts created by the people we know.

I had high hopes for my shooting star design, it got a lot of attention when I posted it and it was in the hotness for half a day but then it immediately stalled out. :frowning: Oh well on to next week!


Sorry v8r. I had my fingers crossed for you.


Sorry Lord v8r. I think it’s still a good design, mabe you could resubmit with original art substituted. Someone has to prove that a last-day submission can win!


Welcome to the Dark Side (of woot), Mr. 2005vette.