Vote for my cat!


It’s crazy that people have this much free time on their hands to make a site like this-- I guess I’m just as bad because I just submitted my cat’s picture and you better vote for him. His name is Nolan, he’s in the cats section.


ok i voted for him, tell him to get off the screens though


Went through a bunch of cats. Didn’t find him. :frowning:


I only saw two cats.


I didn’t bother looking


You vote and new cats come up. His cat never came up.
Is there any way to bring up your cat for the vote.


I lookes, but I couldn’t find the matches.


Okay, I went back, voted for Nolan. Took a while to find him. Pizza crust?


Yeah, he loves it!


Found him. Voted for him. Do you win anything?


I can’t believe i voted. The cat is pretty cute though.

I wonder if they take chickens?