Vote in the Derby & get a $5 coupon

What if we don’t like any of the shirts in this derby?

coupon only for shorts, or any woot?

It’s kind of unfortunate the sort order wasn’t changed from votes to random just for today. I think the results will be heavily skewed to those that were in the fog already.

I’m most partial to @Apelad’s design:

[snooze it or lose it


… and @kg07’s catshirtswoot design:

[Cat at Play


Just for Shirt.Woot!

how often does woot sell shorts, anyways?

its really nice

When does this coupon get sent out? I voted but no coupon ever showed up. Not in my spam folder either.

This should’ve been taken care of a couple weeks ago now. I’d recommend emailing; CS can get that added for you.

Done, thank you manhands!