Vote Math & Science

For those looking for non-alternative facts? What a concept. :^)

Wow, 2 dailies in a week! Way to go @Jrberger! Yer famous :slight_smile:

Love it! Great for Pi Day.

No. (full stop) No. (full stop)
Don’t do that.
Science IS (and Facts ARE) whether you instill belief in them or not.
Side note: Anyone who says that they “believe” in science: probably doesn’t quite get it.
Then again, “Science provides a mathematically quantifiable degree of certainty.” Isn’t catchy or meme-able.

Ummm, I live in the south, a shirt like that might get me ostracized.

I only see a failed opportunity for this to instead say “Something You Can Count On!”

But down there, they just think that means you get turned into an ostrich.

I just see “Vote Math ‘Over’ Science”…and since most of what is taught in schools as science today is just a bunch of hypotheses and theories instead of science, I completely agree.

And we have our first person who knows nothing about science. Well done, jdsanner!


Generating testable hypotheses to develop theories is literally the scientific method…

I thought the same thing/assumed that’s what it said

I want this on stickers too! <3

Before you decide what you believe in, you might want to start here

Wow. Shirt discussion just got deep.
I took this as more of a political statement than more of an anti-religious statement; did I read it wrong?

This is laughably infantile and horrible at the same time. The scientific method allows us to evaluate our world and try to gain an understanding as to its inner workings. Religion can coexist nicely with science in helping us to answer questions about things that science can not yet answer, but the two in no way overlap. Conflating science and religion is very silly and has serious negative consequences in our national debate.

The fact that anyone would debate the merit of the scientific method is very disturbing. I am with you and just took this as a basic endorsement of science. The belief line at the bottom of the design is kind of weird and not fitting with the idea, but I am willing to overlook and support the basic idea.