Vote Now: DBH Entrants Pushing the Vote

Since I know of several folks who have been testing the waters of the Design By Humans competition (including myself) I thought it was time we started a thread solely for the purpose of promoting designs there. Votes and constructive criticism very welcome. Thanks!

Fruit of Proserpina

Very classy!

thanks! :slight_smile:

No, thank you. Really great work. A pleasure to vote for it. I am working on my own DBH/threadless design… not close enough to share though.

nice work!

you should also pimp on for votes.

Beautiful! The cutoff of her body on the left feels a little abrupt. Maybe if some of the hair curled around to that side too?

Here’s my DBH entry.

Hey soothed… can I steal your sig graphic for pimping on my sig?

Please send a vote over to my DBH entry:

I got a comment about the way I cropped the body being a detriment to the design over at DBH too; something to work on when I get around to my next art nouveau inspired piece. I’m planning on doing a series :slight_smile:

SOIT-enly! (and thanks, I’m flattered!)

Hey, thanks for the comment over there, Amakihi ;^)

Joe, Robert and SBR already had my vote as I saw these entries earlier

For those of you who don’t know, this is my newest one on DBH. It was done for the TempoShark Contest. Here’s the background:
I was inspired by the musician’s comment about invisible lines linking people together from birth with the past, present and future. I wanted to show this symbolically through nature and the invisible lines that connect birth with rebirth. The design shows the seed to seedling; seedling to grown tree; grown tree to dying tree; dying tree to a reborn seedling. The design also encompasses the invisible lines connecting growth via the sun, water and birds that carry and drop seeds for future growth to new locations. Thus, further connecting the past with the future through their invisible lines to birth and rebirth.

Here’s the design, please click to vote. Thank you.

My other DBH designs can be seen here…but about half have been archived and are no longer eligible for voting.

The fish gave it away, eh? :slight_smile:

actually, no, the name in your sig here did.

just voted for this one. I’m afraid I don’t look over there often enough. A couple of months ago I finished a design for there, and never entered it. I might do that soon.

Thanks Joe! The temposhark voting ended on the 31st, but I think they will continue to allow votes for the designs that don’t win. They will just enter them into the regular DBH lineup. So, your vote is definitely appreciated! Thanks!

Did the voting end or just the submission deadline? I would assume they are going to leave it open for some time before they show their top 10 pick to the band.

The winners will be announced this week. The ones that are not selected as winners will be left in the DBH queue and voted upon as regular DBH entries. I think all of the top 10 that are shown to the band win something. One is a grand-prize winner, one second-place winner and 8 ‘honorable mentions’. I honestly don’t know if the vote totals at this point will matter since some were submitted very early and others were submitted on the very last day. I hope that the band simply looks at all of them…there were only about 50-75 entries, I think … And selects the ones best suited to their music and what they were looking for in a design. It was a fun contest. I’m excited to see which ones they select.

I thought that I read something like that in one of their email notes.

Ah. If they are doing any kind of vote cutoff then I don’t really have a chance since I entered so late. Hopefully the band does browse them all.