Vote Now: DodgeBall Needs You !!!

Over at the World of Woot, DodgeBallers run a weekly photochop contest based on a theme chosen by the previous weeks winner. The prize is no more than to be the one to chose the theme for the next contest, and make a virtual trophy for the next contest winner. The prize for winning is … well, a little more work than not winning, so it’s understandable that only those with time to win will choose to enter.

However, voting takes no time at all, and is 100% obligation free for all Woot members
… like you!

Simply go to the World of Woot forums and PM whoever is hosting that week. As hosts, they usually occupy the first posting there. It only takes a minute to look over the entries and cast your vote for your favorite entry.

Your vote is very important to us. Like the gladiators of old movies, we revel in your accolades. Remember though, wagering on who wins may not be legal in your state, providence, or territory, so make sure that nobody is watching when you do it.

Dodgeball #224: “Norman Rockwell Horror Show” is now open until midnight (Woot time). Please vote today!