Vote now! Not shirts, food!

Hey, would it be against the rules if I posted a link to a cooking contest I’m in, and I begged for votes? I won’t post the link if it’s not allowed.

I’d guess it’s fine. I remember Wonderstew posting links when he wanted to win some outside contest- AND HE WON!

And we never heard from him again, right?

and he left and never came back!

Great minds…
I don’t think he ever even said thank you.

Edit: Not that I’m bitter or anything, just sayin.

he’s definitely only getting socks and underwear from now on!

Coal in his stocking! I told Santa.

crabs in his underwear!

Jalapeno seeds!

I promise I’ll hang around. The prize isn’t big enough for me to buy an island somewhere out of reach of UPS.

Here’s the contest link: If you want to vote for me, click the Cookistry button.

And this is what you’re voting for:

No pressure, and obviously I don’t know who’s voting. I just figure that I vote for and buy shirts, so a few votes going my way would be nice. Nothing for you to buy, though.

i feel like i really need to taste this in order to vote for it. where are the samples?!?

Sadly, it’s all gone. :frowning:


If it’s in a bowl, do I get points for …


not if the bowl is empty!

OK, I voted.
I think.
At least it changed pages after I tried to vote.

Yeah, wonderstew won that trip and never showed up again.
Plus…he didn’t kiss his wife until after he was married??? That is just weird.

It looks really good! I voted. Appears that you’re currently in fourth place. Keep us posted and good luck.

Spooning??? I should get points for spooning!!!

It ends Dec. 15, so we’ll see how it goes.


I voted for “cookistry,” 9%, 54 votes.

I’ll vote again from 2 computers at home later on, too!