Vote or Whatever

I like any shirt that has “MEH” on it now !

This sums up my feelings for this November’s presidential candidates.

Congrats, fishbiscuit! Not just on winning in this derby, but also in your ability to take the political pulse of the nation!

(Who’d want to back either of the presidential candidates?)

For you fence sitters. 2016 is a perfect time to vote libertarian. Gary Johnson can win.

Hooray! It printed!! I mean… whatever. Pffft.

For the record, I will vote in November. Proud to have the privilege and right to vote. I just like making funny t-shirts. :slight_smile:

This is the most intelligent political statement I’ve read all year.

I knew this would be in the top 3. A well-deserved win! Unlike the result in November. (But I’m voting too :))

Thanks, buddy! :slight_smile:

I will vote because it is my Constitutional right and obligation, but I am not happy about either of the main stream candidates. I think most, liberal or conservative, agree. Very sad.

Gary Johnson FTW!

Yay Fishbiscuit! and Gary Johnson.

Cool shirt. Exactly how I feel.

Not to be knit picker, but it appears Woot spelled the creators name wrong.

“by fishbicuit5

I only mention it, because it takes this design away from the other 250 designs created.

dustinsiemers, I can’t thank you enough for this suggestion!

I’ve been so troubled about this election. For the first time ever, my conscience has not been at peace with either of the two main candidates. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be this conflicted in a presidential election.

I’ve never voted libertarian before, but I will research Gary Johnson and see what he has to offer.

Wow! I may be able to vote my conscience after all!

Thank you, thank you, Thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I didn’t even notice my name! Thank you for posting. :slight_smile:

I wonder if Woot shirt posts are indicative of the national opinion. If so Gary Johnson should consult Woot as his campaign managers distribute advertisements for his vote.
I’m leaning towards Johnson as a viable candidate. It sure would shake up Congress if we had a libertarian at the chief executive position. We might actually get some good stuff accomplished!
Clinton, from what I know, cannot pass the investigation requirement to obtain and keep a DoD security clearance. Seems like that could really limit her in the position of commander in chief of armed forces.
Trump is frightening. I can’t imagine him being able to work with either side of congress. He may spend the whole term as a lame duck.

Lots of love for Gary Johnson here. I recommend everyone check out his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast (also available on YouTube).

I like him, and like a lot of his ideas. But was disappointed at his lack of knowledge on a lot of issues that he really should know more about. And when he’s asked something he doesn’t know about, rather than saying, “I don’t know,” he falls back to vague political-speak and a few meaningless, memorized one-liners that come dangerously close to the bumper-sticker politics of Clinton/Trump.

He’ll still likely get my vote, although I haven’t researched Jill Stein thoroughly at this point.

Bill Cosby has a better chance of winning this election than Gary Johnson does !

Debut day sales for the $10k: 463

Yeah, um…that’s not even a little bit true. If you want to make a protest vote, I suppose that’s your prerogative. But please don’t pretend–or mislead others into believing–that it is anything more than that.

(And no, it wasn’t true in July, either.)