Vote Pizza

We all want to be in this party,the noid for president

If this party gets split into factions, I want those dirty crust-firsters to know that I will do everything in my power to make sure they don’t obtain control of Pizza Congress. All they care about is making dough. #ToppingLivesMatter

Can I get this in blue, grey, or black? Red is not my color.

Now THAT’s a party we can all join!

Do I get bonus points for knowing where in the Himalayan Mountains (ugh, Alleghenies) Coudersport is located?

WSIWYG: What you see is what you get.

Fun fact: MA RMV allows you to register to vote while renewing your license. Although the form to fill out has parties listed of Democrat, Republican, Other, and Undeclared, the software in the system has a check box for Pizza Party.

I agree about not wearing red. This should not have been on red nor blue, actually.

Purple would’ve worked.

The intention of the two parties was so that compromises can be made for the benefit of all, but alas, both sides are only looking out for themselves – and it’s everyone else that suffers the consequences.

It’s just a matter of time in which the pepperoni pizza party starts arguing against the sausage pizza party anyway.