VTech 5.8GHz 4 Handset Cordless Phone with Digital Answering System

Nobody uses House lines anymore!!! We have Cell phones!!!

Thank you, thank you very little.

This is what its going to look like in the morning


I want a bag of kitties too!! he he

Fertility shrine in Japan, IIRC. Hence the giant red penis.

Thanks a bunch!!! I needed that!

go figure you come to Houston the one day it snows. Hope there isn’t ice tomorrow - if there is, avoid us - we do NOT know how to drive with even the thought of ice…

they must have needed a break to regroup…

lets all buy these and flood Woot! with phone calls about our favorite foods, our likes, dislikes, and how to make magic potions. I call not it on buying any of the first…1000 sets!

THANK YOU!! I just wondered, with all the whining about BOC if anyone out there knew the item is called RANDOM CRAP!!

Great I had time to go to the Eagle Boards and not miss the BOC. You think this might be a three day wootoff?

Yep, like rain in Vegas…

Or maybe it’s a urination shrine for men who are trying to recover from urinary tract infections.

been there done that…gotta love the new england weather…and if you don’t wait 15 minutes!

In for 3

I smoked someone just like this back in the day when I used to long jump. Dumbass walked across the runway and I ran right through him.

This is the greatest thing ever.