VTech 5.8Ghz 4 Handset Phone with Digital Answering Machine

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

VTech 5.8Ghz 4 Handset Phone with Digital Answering Machine
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 VTech mi6895/mi6896 5.8Ghz 4 Handset Phone with Caller ID and Digital Answering Machine

sorry kids. no alatest reviews yet. perhaps soon though…

As for deals this is a GREAT DEAL, I paid double, with a coupon at Costco late last year.
As for quality it is great also, I can walk to the end of my yard and have no static at all, on the down side I have a set of 5.8 wireless headphones that I can no longer use because the phones override the headphones. Also the “new message” alert has to be cleared manually at times, it does not always clear itself when you delete the messages.

So…does it have an intercom system? That’s one of the things that keeps me with my dying Motorola 5.8 system.

Does anyone know if you can add additional handsets that will work cohesively?

Much better than Uniden IMHO. Good deal.

I have a generation earlier model of the 5.8 and I am really happy with it. Paid about 100 for it at one of the large stores with concrete floors, don’t remember which.

The one possible drawback is that only on handset can be active at a given time. When we call the grandparents, I can’t pile all four of the kids on at once. That may be a blessing in disguise.

ya, it has a pseudo intercom system. With a phone in hand you can page other phones and talk once that pages phone is answered. It works pretty well.

I bought these off of woot a while back. Although I wouldn’t recommend them. Sometimes they get really hollow sounding or you hear an echo of yourself talking which is really distracting and annoying. There is no way to change the channel you’re on, and when the battery is low and you’re on the phone, you get no joke, about 10 seconds then the phone hangs up.

for the price I’d give it a 6/10

If you are looking for a solution to having to walk all over your 1,000 square foot 2 story home then look no further! This is what you need. I haven’t had good luck with this brand for range. It was an older model and 2.4ghz so maybe this model with the improved band might be better. I dont know. If it were a little cheaper I would give them another chance

No batteries in picture and no batteries are listed as included in the box. ARE THE BATTERIES INCLUDED???

Sweet deal. Vtech rocks!

Vtech is the only brand of land line phone I will ever buy. Best I have ever used!

Does the answering machine use batteries for when the power goes out?

I’d be shocked if "NEW’ phones did not include batteries! Just being blunt.

Has anyone experimented with this drawback of multiple handsets. I have the same opinion of not having the capability to use all four handsets for one call. Maybe they will develop another button to push that overrides this feature.

I’ve had the near-identical 2.4Ghz version with 1 less handset for two years now. I paid about the same price as this. The phones work well, long battery life (for me, about 5 days after full charge), no trouble getting all handsets on at the same time for a shared conversation, answering machine is great (comes with optional generic female computerized voice message which I prefer over my own individual message for anonymity), handset speakerphones do the job, average distance without fuzzing out, and they have survived being dropped on my tiled floor several times. I like the phone I got, so this is a great deal, imho. The VTech brand has been good to me, better than my last ones, which were Uniden. The only gripe I’ve had is that if you put phone numbers in memory, each handset requires its own individual memory set. This may be good if you want everybody to have their own separate speed dials, but frustrating to go through all of the phones one by one when you really need them set the same. But this may be only my model’s issue.

My idiot father bought these things to replace our old phones and just let me say these are the worst (wireless at least) phones I have ever owned in my LIFE…
They have virtually no features…imo they are the ugliest phones ever made…they don’t hold a charge for shit and 3 of the 4 phones died within 1 year of purchase…

FFS buy a quality set of uniden’s for not much more

I got these last time Woot had them up and I must say they are great. Best wireless phones I have ever had. Nice features, easy to hear, all the functions you could want and the intercom works great.

Question for those who own this phone system: can you wall mount it? I have an old cordless/digital answering system that mounts nicely on the wall in our kitchen and if I can do the same with this I would like to pick it up.

Why is that woot message boards always have equal numbers of conflicting opinions?

Some people say “buy this phone, it’s great. Good features, battery, never had problems.”

Other’s say “avoid like the plague, worst phone ever.”

Never could figure that out…it is never any help…