VTech DECT 6.0 3-Handset Cordless Phone System with Bluetooth

I have the manual in my hands. I’ll try to answer some of your questions. I just bought this system Saturday and hooked them up to charge Friday (yesterday now) or I would give you answers from experience…

  1. You can only have one active Bluetooth device in use at the same time. Two can be paired but only one could be in use at a time. You can, however, be on a Cell call with one handset and someone else on a landline call with another.

  2. Conferencing. You can conference a home call with a cell phone and vice-versa. You can also share an outside call with up to 4 handsets.

  3. Yes, there is an intercom feature but the handsets are not re-nameable, so they appear as handset 1, 2 and 3, in this case. So you have to know handset 1 is the kitchen and don’t mix them up. (Not too big of a problem knowing which room is which number with just 3 handsets but this system is capable of having 12 at once and that could be a problem.)

  4. Yes, the phonebook is stored in each handset. That is a drawback if you utilize that feature heavily and are constantly adding numbers or your friends are constantly changing numbers. (I can see the former but not the latter. Not in this day and age with number portability.)

  5. You can assign a different ring tone for each cell phone. Only two can be paired at once. Reviews I read said the ringtones are cheesy. I don’t buy phones for their ringtones. I buy them to make and receive calls…

Not really anything on here that you guys haven’t read, but here’s the Product Information page from vTech, it does have a pretty in depth list of specs.

I would like to know this as well… I want to use my magic jack or skype with this…

You must not have experienced Bluetooth. Walk in the door, leave your cell phone by the base and then answer it anywhere in the house. Not only that but your wife can do the same thing. What’s not to like about that?

For those people who have ‘friends’ who require the confidentiality of disposable cellphones, this might be a drawback. :-]

Less nefarious friends who simply change area codes a lot might be another reason.

No they don’t. But you could get her a Bluetooth headset and, as long as she’s within 20-30 feet of the base, the reception should be fine. (So put the base close to her favorite chair…)

that is what call forwarding on my cell will do, why do you need bluetooth ?

Review by Joel Esler


Take them back, buy these. Although you’ll be out those phones a couple of weeks for shipping.

The bluetooth feature is new and it increases the value of this product exponentially.
The question remains though: How well does the bluetooth sync work?

You’re missing the big picture. You can ditch your landline and still answer calls anywhere in your house!! (Provided you’re not dependent on it for internet access…) No more carrying your cell phone with you all around the house or searching for where you laid it down. (Now you can search for where you left one of the three handsets…)

Take it a step further. Keep your landline number but ‘port’ it to a new line on your cell phone package. Then leave the new cell phone by the base at all times. People still call the exact same number to reach you at home and you still answer the call from any handset in the house but you just shaved $30-$40 a month off your bills!! You’re money ahead after two months. (ie - You have to pay for this $60 phone system.)

I own this set - paid about twice as much as this for a set with four handsets.
The good - the Bluetooth feature is handy, though we actually .
The somewhat inconvenient - I miss that the base station doesn’t have a speakerphone (good for when the phone rings and you can’t find any of the handsets.
The bad - the shape is quite awkward for scrunching between ear and shoulder.
The worst - no flashing light to let you know when you have a voicemail - we can go days not realizing we have a (phone company) voicemail.

What makes this $60 set of three phones better than something like, say, this which was $45 for four phones?

This is basically the same as the 4 handset model (package), so reviews for the 4 handset model apply to this as well. (21 reviews, 4-star average)



I had to break the seal on the box to open it. And there’s a serial number on the box, so I can’t even buy this and return it to the original retailer…

What exactly is the DECT 6.0?

Well, you see, there wuz 900 MHz phones, then 2.4 GHz, then 5.8 GHz, and finally 6.0 GHz is the highest and

Nope! The “6.0” does not refer to the frequency. It is, in fact, marketing hype designed to make it seem as if it’s “higher” than 5.8 GHz.

So if it’s hype, does that mean 5.8 GHz phones are better?

Nope! If you look at the pros and cons, DECT 6.0 is the clear winner, hype or no hype.

So if 6.0 ain’t the frequency, what is the frequency of these phones?

1.9 GHz. That’s why the advertisers didn’t want to use it - it might have seemed as if they were taking a step backward.

So why are they better?

Longer range, better sound, ability to add multiple handsets that didn’t come with the base, better security, longer battery life. And DECT phones are cheap to manufacture, so you can find great deals such as this Woot.

Thanks for the info. But you’re NightGhost - don’t you have any links?

Did someone say LINKS?

DECT 6.0 at Wikipedia

DECT 6.0 - Cordless Phones That Meet the Hype

I Want a DECT 6.0 Cordless Telephone

DECT 6.0 Defined

No Bluetooth!!

$100 with shipping. That’s what I paid 6 days ago for this exact model. And I did quite a bit of research to find the best price at that time. (Kicking self now…)

I have a set of these mine may be a slightly different vtech model, not sure, they look the same

I use it for the bluetooth only, as I no longer have a landline.

PRO: if you have good mobile coverage in part of your house and not other parts, put the base where the signal is good, along with your phone charger and while at home park your mobile phone there. These phones will ring all over your house, while getting a mobile call, it’s almost like having a landline in the house. You don’t have to worry about those dead spots.

CON: at least for me my phone wouldn’t automatically pair with the base, so whenever I came home I had to manually go into my phone’s settings and connect it. Which ended up with me no longer using it. I had hoped it would have been like my car in that when it was in range it would just auto pair up. Maybe this model is newer and does, i am not sure.

anyways, if you’re in the market for a wireless phone in your house these are nice phones, the bluetooth is a great added feature.