VTech DECT 6.0 3-Handset Phone System with Digital Answering Machine

ring ring


Really Woot?


People still have landlines?

Will this charge my iPhone?

Refurbished? Does the mouthpiece smell like Listerine, halitosis, and cigarettes.

We do!!

My guess is E.T.'s in for three.

I dont even have a home phone…stupid

Do not want!

might have to get some of these

and disappointment

Who needs a phone any more?

these work great with Magicjack… I have a 4 handset version and it gives me phones throughout the house.

is there a 2 year commitment with these phones?

do the buttons light up?


Seriously- does anyone use home phones anymore?

Get one with 6 phones. It’s fun listening to them all ring at once.