VTech DECT 6.0 3-Handset Phone System with Digital Answering Machine

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The last V-Tech system I bought here (which I’m unfortunately still using) is programmed by idiots. If someone calls whose number is 530-123-4567 and you save the number–that’s great. It will show the name you put in when they call. If you try to call them, it actually dials the number verbatim, and won’t add the one so the call fails. If you change the saved number to include the one, or god-forbid preface the *82P so you are not anonymous when you call them then it will not show their name when they call you. Bottom line you have to have 2 entries for every number you wish to store. Can anyone who owns this particular system confirm that they didn’t outsource the programming to a team of morons?

Does anyone know if this has audible caller-ID? Like, will it say the name from the phone company out loud when the phone is ringing because someone calls you? My mom really wants/needs a new landline set, but she LOVES that feature of her current phone so it’s a must-have for the new set.

Also seems to have really mixed reviews on Walmart…

Can’t find manual yet, found the product support page, but not a lot of help:

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I dunno who your landline service provider but I can’t remember the last time I’ve dialed a 1 first but regardless, if you don’t like it then maybe you and show these American job stealing hooligans how real men write cordless phone software!

Just got mine in the mail from woot last week. Two out of three handset batteries were the wrong ones and didn’t fit. Instead of sending me two batteries, I am having to rma the entire thing on my dime. How does this happen!

Horrible piece of crap. Stay away. Advice from a buyer. Really bad quality.

Boy, your avatar looks like you must feel!

Live in Mass? Guy across the street…11 digits. I hate it. RI & NH…7 digits to anywhere in the state. I like my uniden version of this I got from woot a while back.

bought a few weeks ago. not impressed, but you do get what you pay for…regret being logged on that particular night, and do not recommend.

Do these have headset jacks on the handsets?

No, they do not have headset jacks on the handsets.

Does anyone know of any online source for the user manual for this phone? I spent about an hour searching (maybe more – tempus fugit) and all I could find were other people looking for a manual.

The vendor website does not list this series on their manual download page (and that’s not for want of sheer number of downloads they DO provide) – the closest I could come was a page for replacement handsets that are supposed to work with this and a few other series phones – but since from what I understand, ANY phone will work with any (USA) DECT system, if it’s built to the DECT 6.0 standard (the mouse-powered USA variation on the DECT standard – the rest of the world has a single frequency standard and 250 milliwatt avg. power output, while we have a different frequency AND a 10 milliwatt (cue power-mouse!) avg. output level.

My ancient second-generation Uniden 900 mHz DSS phone has a ONE WATT output and would under decent conditions probably be good for a couple of miles (with the base on ground level, inside partially aluminum sided house, I have more range than I get with FRS radios). But, for all the power (unmatched by any phone I’ve ever used), there’s a lack of features that my wife appreciates, so, our standard “every day phone” is the newer Uniden 5.8 gHz multi-handset cordless that we got here a year or so ago. (I bought two of them, giving me four handsets and a spare base), and a while later, picked up another (base and one handset, without battery) for a buck or two at the thrift shop. I installed a battery, linked the phone to the base, and we now have FIVE phones to lose track of. :wink:

I am tempted to bite on this deal, since all I’ve read about DECT indicates that it’s the best we’re apt to get (unless the “old” high power 900 DSS phones come back in vogue, which I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting for), and, since unlike any other phones, it IS a standard, we’re not locked down to one vendor – and, finally, I believe that there are going to be repeaters/extenders available soon, which would theoretically allow us to extend the range as-needed.

Still, I am leery of buying any phone before I look at the manual. I’ve run into some nearly satanic user interfaces, and some glaring “unfeatures” (basic stuff that I cannot understand why it’s lacking, while more glitzy stuff IS included). In short, I’m a diehard RTFMer.

I have this phone. Its great except there is no place to plug in a headset, which I used a lot to talk and work at the same time.

I just bought this set during a Woot off two weeks ago. Two out of three handsets do not work. Now I have to pay to ship them back to Woot to get my money back. I also called Vtech and they require you to pay to ship for repairs.

Please do not buy these and waste your time and money like me.

When I received my broken set from Woot without an owners manual I looked for one online too.

Read my comment, you do not want to buy these at least from Woot.

Does it have speaker phone on each handset? I know it says it has speaker between handsets. But with speaker phone you just set it down and keep talking.

thanks for all the honest comments saved me 35 bucks and a headache

I’m pretty sure that has to do with you phone service provider and not the actual phone.

We have a VTECH phone system - not this one for sale, though - and have been very happy with it. We’ve had it for about 4 years or so. Anyhow, we have had internet-based phone service providers (i.e., vonage, sun rocket, teleblend) and haven’t had to dial a “1” before any of the numbers and never have a problem with how the numbers come in or have been stored in the phone…that is, until recently! We switched over to Ooma and are now required to dial a “1” before long distance numbers. Unfortunately, when folks call us, the caller id doesn’t display a one so we have to type a “1” into all the stored numbers to be able to call out and can’t use the caller-id number to call back since it doesn’t show up with the “1”

So, I’m pretty sure it is a phone service provider thing and not the actual phone itself since the caller id service is provided through the provider.