Vtopmart 15-Piece Airtight Containers

Vtopmart 15-Piece Airtight Containers

How about that! An actual count that doesn’t include the lid as one piece. I’m amazed


I’ve purchased a set of these after getting a set in a bag o crap and they are the BEST!

Agreed they’re the best! I quit using my L&L after I got a set of these. I’ve got several sets, now, and they’ve all been perfect.
I handwash the lids (and usually the containers), but sometimes I put the containers in my dishwasher - wash only - NOT on heated dry nor any extra heat wash like “sanitizing wash”, etc. I take them out and let them drip dry or dry with a towel by hand.

I use them mostly for breadmaking ingredients from flour to dry egg replacer to dry milk to sugar; also use for grits, oatmeal, and the like. Not just for cereal, but they’re great for that, too!! Butter is kept in my fridge in one of these - keeps it fresh longer and no odors get into the butter.
I don’t put anything warm or hot in them - they’re plastic, after all.

I can go on for hours about these containers, but maybe this is enough to get my point across. Oh, this is a GREAT price for this set, too!!!

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