Vtopmart 24-Piece Plastic Airtight Containers

Vtopmart 24-Piece Plastic Airtight Containers

Aw. A fishy that got away. I had been waiting for this set to be on here. I love the two sets I’ve gotten so far.

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Could have sworn this was Sold Out a couple of hours ago.
Found a few more in a far corner of the Warehouse?

we may have begged our vendor for more. :smiley:


You’re the best. I was able to grab it.

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I didn’t realize I was in a sweet spot of availability when I was debating getting these earlier before I actually had to pay attention to work. Now your earlier comment makes sense :laughing: I’ll have to be on the look-out if/when these are offered again.

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Unfortunately two of the larger containers and three lids arrived broken

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I fared slightly better. 24 tubs and 23 lids unbroken.

Looks like the kids are the weak point, particularly the seams where the lock tabs flip over. I expect many more of the tabs will snap off from use over the coming weeks/months. Will need to decide how to repurpose the inevitable lidless tubs I’ll end up accumulating.