Vulcan Phantom Solo Speaker & FREELOADER USB Charger Bundle

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Vulcan Phantom Solo Speaker & FREELOADER USB Charger Bundle
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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this has become just plain old insulting. Goodnight cruel woot.

And this does what . . ?

Woo Hoo, another cheap speaker, but this one can be USED AT THE AIRPORT ? WTF ?

I’ve bene waiting to see a speaker for sale!

Oh wait…

It’s a keg with a USB thingy! Does it work with linux?

But what if you don’t have anything to plug through it?

Freeloading Vulcans? That seems…actually fairly logical.

So… Spock made this?

This is what Mr. Spock uses to keep from passing gas.

so you need a plug to plug it in? Why is that convenient?

I don’t want this vulcan thing either.

It’ll be fun trying to convince a TSA agent that this IS a speaker and USB charger…

Umm, i dont get it

Another product well ahead of its time…

W00t! what the heck? you sold out to amazon and it shows

it should have branded as a “vampire” because it sucks… sucks power…get it… ok,…come on woot next item

Today’s phrase is: “Vulcan Freeloader”

What a bum.

They’ll never see it…it’s phantom