Analyzes design size, contemplates, accepts purchasing

11.25" is acceptable. The t-shirt won’t be 2/3 blank with that design size.

Buys 1x Men’s Small

Thanks, Woot.

Verily, a vulpes.

Vulpes Ignis - Firefox works in the computer industry.

Some really awesome line work done on this shirt. I’d take a look at the close up if you haven’t, because it is worth the look.

I see a butterfly. I’ll probably still end up buying one.Love the design and colors.

I heard the fox say…what a nice color combination. :slight_smile:

What does the…


What about Vulpes Sanfordis - AKA Redd Foxx?

Just say it!


This design is beautiful!
Too bad I already have too many black shirts…

Nein, Vulpes Jaimesis und meganis.

I think it is really cool and if you stare at it long enough you can see a fox, a butterfly, and a raven type bird all from the same drawling. Don’t know if that was intentional or not.

Amazing linework, one of those shirts that looks interesting close-up and far away.


(cries…wish I could wear it)

There is no such thing.

Reminds me of the illustration for the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Illustrator splash screen.

Check it out:

Very cool art!

If the design wasn’t encompassing the whole front of the t I’d buy one. Sometimes less is more guys.

This shirt was practically made for you XD

Gorgeous design and very many props to the artist. It looks like much of the detail would have been lost had it been printed any smaller. I would love to see this on a tote or poster.

Edit: Going to cave in and buy one. Just debating on if I should go tank top or t-shirt now X3